Ways to Keep Bar Soap from Melting in the Shower

Bar soap is a slippery subject, especially when using costly natural varieties that cost upwards of $5.00 each. The corners of the bathtub are often too narrow to hold anything but small samples. When stored on a built-in shelf near the shower head, a large portion of it ends up melting and creating a gooey mess that can cause dangerous slip-and-fall accidents. In any case, money ends up going down the drain as the bars melt away little by little each day. Use these easy ways to keep them from dissolving in the shower or bath. It will last far longer, and it will not turn into mush and create a slippery surface that can be dangerous and difficult to clean.

Use a Shower Gripper

When looking for good ways to keep bar soap from melting in the shower, consider a gripper. It has suction cups on both sides, and although it is much smaller than a bathmat, it looks similar to the underside. Shop online to find at least one at the lowest possible price. Keep it on the back shower wall or in another location where it will not get sprayed with water when not in use. It is a very handy product that holds bars of soap like magic.

Store it on a Regular Sponge

An ordinary sponge is another great way to keep bar soap from melting in the shower. Buy a basic sponge that does not have a rough side for cleaning and scouring. Cut it to the perfect size and shape. Keep it away from water spray and it will stay dry when not in use. The sponge will soak up some of the soap, but it can be used to wash with instead of a bath pouf. Bath poufs fall apart after just a few weeks of use. The sponge will last a lot longer.

Keep Bar Soap in a Cotton Fabric or Yarn Pouch

Fabric or yarn pouches can be used to hold bars of soap and keep them from melting away to nothing in the shower, especially if they are not hung near the shower head. Buy or make a few fabric or yarn pouches in a variety of colors. Designate one for each family member. Search Etsy for inexpensive and creatively crafted handmade pouches for the bath and shower. Hang them from sturdy peel-and-stick hooks on the back shower wall. Bar soap will last for weeks on end, and the pouches can be washed and reused again and again.

Source: Ideas Sparked by Handmade Knitted Soap Pouches Found on Listia

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