Ways to Remove Grease from a Range Hood

It does not take long for a range hood to become coated with grease. If it is not cleaned on a regular basis, it seems to meld with the metal. In time they become baked on, and they can be nearly impossible to remove. However, even the most disgusting baked on messes can be cleaned using a few simple steps. Do not go out and buy a new range hood. Use these easy ways to remove the grease. It can look almost as good as new.

I used to clean apartments many years ago, and some were absolutely filthy when the tenants moved out. The range hoods were particularly difficult to clean since I was not provided with the proper supplies. I had to bring my own if I wanted to do a good job. I used the following methods to remove grease that had baked on for years, and I often surprised myself with the results.

Try a Handheld Steamer

A handheld steamer that is designed for cleaning tile grout will also work to remove grease from a range hood. It will soften the mess and make it easy to wipe away. Use it as directed, and follow up with a soapy rag and hot water. Grease dissolving dishwashing liquid is the best for greasy kitchen messes. After using the steamer to soften the buildup on the hood, it should wipe right off.

Use Orange Gunk All Purpose Cleaner on the Range Hood

When tackling extremely greasy messes in the home, do not bother with dishwashing liquid alone. Go straight for the tough stuff. Look for Orange Gunk All Purpose Cleaner. It is labeled as safe for all surfaces, and it will easily remove grease from a dirty range hood. Although Gunk is considered an automotive product, it is fantastic for in-home use. Best of all, the orange variety will leave behind a clean citrus scent. Follow product directions for optimal results.

Try White Vinegar to Cut Through and Remove the Grease

If you do not have a handheld steamer and want to try something natural to remove grease from a range hood, use straight white vinegar. Apply undiluted white vinegar, and let it soak in for a few minutes before using a soapy nonabrasive scrub sponge to remove it. If something abrasive is needed, try a mixture of baking soda and cornmeal. It will provide just enough abrasiveness to remove the grease, but without damaging the surface of the range hood.

Source: Personal and Professional Cleaning Experience

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