Ways to Save with Today’s Ever Growing Gas Prices

For anyone who has hit the gas pumps lately, the price of gas has probably made them less then excited. As of right now, the National Average for a gallon of gas is $2.91 a gallon. Now for anyone who has been alive more then 20 years, you probably remember the days of $1.00 a gallon gas, perhaps even much less.

There are a couple of things you can do to reduce the amount of money you are putting into your gas tank. First off check out sites such as gasbuddy.com to compare the price of gas at different stations in your area. Perhaps you can save a few cents by driving a couple extra bucks to fill your car up. For some remote area’s, this may not be an option as they are not inhabited by the multitude of gas stations that some of the larger cities are.

Another thing to do to reduce gas costs, is to set your cruise control. Setting your cruise control can save up to 14% on your gas costs, by not burning as much per trip. If you do not have cruise control, or just do not like using it, just remember to drive moderately. Excessive speeding up and slowing down can change your gas mileage dramatically.

If you have access to a smaller vehicle that does not have such a high powered engine, by all means, drive that vehicle. The smaller the engine is the less gas the vehicle must burn to keep the engine functioning. If you are in the market for a new car right now, remember a bigger engine isn’t always better.

Check your fuel pump and fuel filters often. Bad fuel filters and pumps can be a major cause of poor gas mileage. It is a lot cheaper to replace a filter one time then it is to fill up numerous times when you are getting poor gas mileage.

Though these seem to be fairly common tips to do to save on gas, right now we can not let simple just slide by. We must be proactive in our gas consumption right now as the price is so steep that many people are having problems being able to afford to fill up their vehicles. Until the price of oil begins to decline, we need to keep a good eye out for ways to improve our vehicle’s gas mileage, as well as places to fill up for less. This is going to be a drastic hit to the American economy, and being proactive, may perhaps save us all a bit of a headache in the near future.

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