Webkinz Hamburger Cook Game Guide

Grabbing a job at the Webkinz Employment Office is a great way to get Kinzcash quick! Some of the games are harder than others, some like the Flooring Assistant are just plain time consuming but are a nice challenge if you are up to it. One of the easiest jobs is Hamburger Cook. I have made it to Level Three so when I pick this job I have 75 seconds to complete the job and am rewarded with 175 points. At this level I have to complete ten correct burger sequences to be awarded the Kinzcash.

Your task is simple; build the hamburger according to the picture that changes from burger to burger. Your choices are lettuce, tomato, cheese and burger patty. Since there are five items on each burger you will have duplicate items to stack up. The top and bottom parts of the bun are already there and don’t move. This is a timed game but once you get the hang of it, you’ll find that you always have tons of time left. You are not awarded any bonus points for having time left on the clock.

When the clock starts ticking its up to you to build the hamburgers. Things can get a little tricky when the cheese or lettuce is stacked on top of each other because there are several pieces of each that are moved to the stack. The key thing to remember is that there are only five items on the bun so if you get stumped you can count the other items and see if you need to have two cheese or two pieces of lettuce together.

How do you move the pieces? Just click and hold down your mouse button and drag the item to the burger bun. If you make a mistake you can use the Clear Sandwich button at the bottom of the page to start over. You are not penalized for clearing a sandwich. If you do happen to make a mistake after you have built the burger you will have two seconds taken off the clock. The more times you complete this job the more burgers you have to build.

You can complete one job every eight hours and your progress is charted on your resume. There are some games that I just can’t get the hang of so I will opt to pass on playing one until there is something listed that I know I can complete and get Kinzcash for. This is one of the easier games and is great for younger kids that love to play at the site but may have trouble with games like KinzPost Sorter, Gem Mining or Fence Painting.

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