Website Review: Internet Marketing and Mindcomet

The increase in the usage of the Internet as both a vital marketing tool and a place for commerce has meant that traditional advertising and marketing firms have had to become more dynamic in their approach to client satisfaction. One website in particular that seems to exemplify this new wave of online marketing firms is Mindcomet, which combines interactive marketing consulting and technology development to create what their website calls “relationship synthesis.” Essentially, Mindcomet’s approach creates a full-circle approach from conception through execution that involves not only marketers and clients, but media consultants and others with different perspectives on what works in internet marketing.

Founded in 1999, Mindcomet is headquartered in Orlando, Florida, with satellite offices in Atlanta, New York City, Los Angeles, and Austin, Texas. Mindcomet offers a full range of e-marketing tools on its website and is constantly developing new tools to fulfill customer needs. On the Mindcomet website, there are offerings to businesses and individuals interested in marketing for traffic generation, online communications, eLearning and web hosting, among other crucial marketing tools. As well, the website offers a great marketing portfolio utilizing all of these tools and a client portfolio that is quite impressive.

The most important aspect of the site, however, is that it is easy to navigate and it is aesthetically pleasing. The image presented by a marketing and consulting firm is much more crucial to success in the e-commerce world than the regular business world because of the sheer amount of competition among web sites. Mindcomet lacks nothing in the navigability of the various tools and resources and both Mindcomet personnel and satisfied customers are featured on the site giving video testimonials to the power of internet marketing. For small businesses looking to move up in their particular market or big businesses looking to distinguish themselves among their competitors, Mindcomet offers the most dynamic internet market consulting at present.

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