Website Review: Price Pirates and Online Price Comparisons

The rapid ascension of auction website eBay has created an entirely new market for new and used goods on the Internet. As well, websites like Amazon Marketplace offer new and used consumer items for sale without auction pricing for those looking for a quicker shopping experience. However, it is often cumbersome for the average consumer to flip between websites in order to figure out the best deal on products like DVDs, books, and toys. Price Pirates, at, is a site that has been created to help consumers speed up their online shopping experience.

Price Pirates has an efficient (and free) downloadable price comparison tool that allows a consumer to compare prices at auction sites like eBay and hundreds of other websites that sell new and used items. This comparison tool offers an auction watchlist option, which will alert you to bids and sales on particular items, as well as an easy to use interface and automatic program updates. In addition to this, Price Pirates outstanding search functions allow easy product research with the capability to do multiple searches at one time. However, perhaps the best technological function of Price Pirates’ software is that it is 100% free of spyware and adware, which is of great concern to those who are making transactions over the web.

The Price Pirates price comparison tool is great for those who either purchase a great number of items online or are involved in an online business that sells product on hundreds of different sites. The free download won’t take up a ton of space on your hard drive and it will save you minutes with every purchase you make, which can add up to a lot of time saved over years of online shopping. As well, any problems are quickly dealt with by using the email and online customer service assistance provided by Price Pirates. Overall, this site is excellent for those looking to save money and time, especially with back-to-school and the holiday season coming up in the near future.

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