Wedding Planners in Chicago Create Dream Weddings Without the Stress

Choosing a wedding planner is an important decision to make. Wedding planners in Chicago, Illinois should offer you top-notch service that leads to the perfect wedding. Choosing a wedding planner is a great way to save you money, save you precious time, and alleviate stress associated with planning a wedding. Most of us do not plan huge social functions on a daily basis. When you step back and look at all that is involved in planning a large formal social gathering it is almost silly to believe that someone can accomplish it with no experience in the food service and hospitality industry. Take the initiative to choose a great wedding planner or wedding planning company and you can accomplish the wedding of your dreams.

There are many different types of wedding planners and consultants out there. You may be surprised to find out that there is an entire industry dedicated just to weddings and all that they entail. From the food to the music and venues, weddings today are a well-planned social gathering that takes a lot of planning and preparation. Take the item to interview a number of different wedding planners. Ask them specifically for information on what your budget will buy you. Each company may operate differently. Some companies are very hands on and strive to treat you like a princess, while others are merely coordinators who offer little involvement. Obviously there will be a price difference between the two.

There are wedding planners in Chicago for every budget. Be upfront about what you are willing to spend and you and your wedding planner can make your dream wedding a reality. When choosing a wedding planner you should look for reputable wedding planner with plenty of references and clout in the business. Here are a few reputable Chicago wedding consultants and planners that have made their mark in the competitive industry of wedding planning.

Elegant Events is a well-known wedding consultant company that offers wedding planners in a variety of levels. Their wedding planners can completely plan you wedding, practically plan your wedding, or provide you with a variety of A la Carte suggestions that can get you started on your wedding plans. Their basic service is the day of the wedding services. While this is the cheapest, it is also the most minimal service they provide. A wedding planner will arrive on your wedding day and keep all events running according to your timeline, sort of like a bride’s assistant for the day. If you are on a strict budget, this may be a good option for you. It is always helpful to have one extra hand to get everything accomplished. Elegant Events works on appointment sonly. They can be reached at (630) 639-7290. They can provide a list of references if you would like to talk to previous clients.

Brothers of Blues Inc. is a full service company for the bride to be. The consultants at Brother of Blues Inc. have been planning events for over 15 years. They have a proven track record and are well known in the Chicago area. They are very hands on and offer services that can prepare your entire wedding for you. From the DJ to the wedding cake they can do it all. While some brides may wan to be more hands on, Brothers of Blues Inc. is a great wedding planner company for a busy bride who does not have time to focus on the small details. Brothers of Blues Inc. can be reached at (708) 388-6874. You can also go online and check out their services and prices at

A Symply Beautiful Affair is well known for their expedition of beautiful and elegant weddings and social events. They offer what they claim is affordable pricing, but that is up to the consumer to decade. They specialize e in wedding planning and offer a variety of services that allows the bride to be as involved as she wants to be. They are great at working with very hands on brides as well as brides who wish to turn over the responsibilities to them. This is a great place to take your wedding budget and let them show you what they can do. A Symply Beautiful Affair can be reached at (866) 533-1974 toll free or locally at (708) 528-1974.

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