Weekend Getaway: New York City with a Spanish Flair

Honeymoon? Anniversary? Birthday? Enjoy a weekend in the Big Apple themed with Spanish styled lodging, dining, shopping and relaxation with a touch of European Spanish and South American ambience. For an exciting weekend getaway, consider these Spanish-themed destinations in New York:

For a unique spanish styled experience, consider staying at The Casablanca. Located at 147 West 43rd Street, New York, NY, the hotel offers a central location in midtown Manhattan. With only 41 rooms, the hotel is considered a quaint “home away from home” hotel for European and South American enthusiasts seeking Spanish flair lodging in New York City. Offering free internet service and a lounge with bar amenities.

For your weekend getaway, South American spanish style, consider dining at Calidad Latina, located at 132 Ninth Street, New York, NY. Voted one of the best dining experiences in New York, this Spanish themed cuisine is most notable for the dishes made especially with Cuba, Puerto Rico and Columbia in mind. The generally price of a meal is $25.00 and the restaurant accepts reservations by calling (212) 255-3446.

Spanish themed dining, while in New York, can also be achieved at La Paella. Located at 214 E 9th Street, New York, NY. Specializing in tapas, or as we call them “appetizers”, this restaurant offers a budget conscious traveler a pleasant European Spanish dining experience. Most notably, La Paella offers a cheaper line of dining while attracting a more local crowd with a small and quaint setting. Seafood is the speciality. For more information, call (212) 598-4321.

For a taste of Spanish gardening, visit Demitri’s Garden Center in Spanish Harlem, located on 1992 Second Avenue, New York, NY. Offering a variety of domestic flowering plants and greenery, this nursery also specializes in South American as well as flowers native to Spain.

For a unique reading experience, visit Harlem’s Book Store, also located in Spanish Harlem at 2204 8th Avenue, New York, NY. Offering unique, older print versions of some of the most notable Spanish and South American authors, this bookstore also offers the latest and greatest in New York bestsellers.

Whatever your style or preference, falling into the Spanish theme, on a weekend getaway, is sure to be a vacation never forgotten. In the Big Apple, this weekend getaway is no exception!

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