Things to Do in Cache County when You’re Broke

You’ve just paid rent, car payment, utilities, and credit cards and man are you broke! What do you do now? Just hang out in your apartment or home eating Ramen noodles and watching reality TV? No! There are many wonderful, cheap activities out there to be discovered, all you have to do is find them. Here are some ideas for the tightened budget.

Logan Canyon

In Cache Valley we’re lucky enough to have those beautiful mountains right in our backyard, why not take advantage of them? Logan Canyon lies just up S.R. 30. There are plenty of areas that you can hike, camp, fish, or just lie around and enjoy nature. I recommend the Logan River Trail for an easy, but beautiful trail to hike. If you want something that requires a bit more exertion, try the hike to the WindCaves. There are also many great drives you can take. If you have a four wheel drive vehicle, I recommend the LeftFork Canyon trail. It’s beautiful and goes over the top of the mountains and comes out in the gorgeous Black Fork Canyon, even better in the fall with the leaves.

Bear Lake

While it is not in Cache Valley, Bear Lake is only a hop, skip, and a jump away. If you travel through about 20 miles on S.R. 30, through Logan Canyon you’ll come to its beautiful, blue waters. During the summer, Bear Lake is a great place to go and relax in the water. Most of the beaches do not require fees to enter and the water is wonderful. If you’re feeling a bit saucy, you can rent jet skis or a boat for about $30 an hour. If you don’t have the cash, it won’t keep you out of the water. Just pull right up on the sand, park a picnic on the beach and swim away. It’s always a great time and doesn’t have to cost any more than the gas it takes to get there.


Movies are always an enjoyable activity, but think they’ll break the bank? Not true. You can go to Cinefour (2297 N Main St, Logan) and see second run films for only $3.00. Can’t wait that long to see your favorite movie? Try matinees or midnight movies at Providence 8 (535 West 100 North, Providence) and Movies 5 (2450 North Main, Logan). You can get tickets for $4.50. Don’t want to pay anything at all? The North Logan Library does weekly screenings of kid friendly films with no admission. Just sit back and enjoy the film.

Utah StateUniversity

Utah StateUniversity is a wealth of cheap activities. There is always something interesting going on. They have free recitals and concerts put on by the music program. There is also a wonderful art museum that displays both well known artists and student displays. If you like sports, there are always various sporting events going on. The big time sports, such as basketball and football, are usually a bit more pricy, but try some of the clubs like hockey or rugby. You can get into a USU hockey game for only $3 for students and $6 for adults. USU has a very useful events calendar on their website (

American WestHeritage Center

Want to explore a little history? Why not try out the AmericanWest HeritageCenter. It’s located south of Logan at 4025 South Hwy. 89-91 inWellsville and provides a lot of fun experiences for a low price. For $6 for adults, $5 for students, and $4 for children, the AmericanWest HeritageCenter will give you a great western experience. View their buffalo heard or wander around the western town and watch old style blacksmiths do their work. There’s always something to see and it’s fun for the whole family.

Logan and North Logan Libraries

If you want to entertain the little ones for an afternoon without spending a ton, try the library. Both the North Logan (475 E. 2500 N, North Logan) and Logan (255 North Main, Logan) libraries have a great selection of books and wonderful children’s’ areas to explore. Also, don’t miss story time with Quackers at the North Logan library every Thursday and Friday afternoon. Story time with Quackers is a great time for kids, or adults, who enjoy listening to a good story.

If you don’t have a whole lot of money, all is not lost. While this is not a comprehensive list of activities, it’s a good place to start. Don’t let money woes keep you inside. Get out and enjoy what CacheValley has to offer. It’s out there waiting for you.

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