Wellbutrin Description, Indication, and Side Effects

Wellbutrin SR is an antidepressant of the aminoketone class and its structure is like that of diethylpropion, it is close to phenylethylamides.It is also called Bupropion HCL and it is not related to tetracycline .Bupropion hydrochloride is white and soluble in water. It has a bitter taste and have sensational local anesthesia produce on the oral mucosa.

It contain Bupropion Hcl as the most active ingredient and other non ingredients such as; carnauba, cysteine hydrochloride, hydroxypropyl and others. It is film coated and supplied as 100mg, 150mg, and 200mg with different colors depending on the type.100mg has a blue color while 150mg has purple and 200mg pink.

Bupropion which is the generic is use to treat panic and anxiety disorders. It is use also to lift mental depression and to treat some behavioral or emotional problems. Wellbutrin which is a brand of bupropion should not be taken along with other tablets that contain bupropion. it should also not taken with alcohol. There are many drugs related to alternative health care products that you should avoid. Let you doctor know of all drugs including illegal ones you are using as these may affect how wellbutrin may work. You may need to take wellbutrin for some days before you can see the effects and if you have been taking it for over 7 days don’t just stop abruptly it as this may cause withdrawer symptoms, rather let your health care provider reduce the dosage gradually. It is advisable that family members stay with and watch for serious acts of depression as you use wellbutrin especially at the upset because there have been cases in which the patient may think of committing suicide. Other feelings include panicky thoughts, anxieties, irritable, aggressive, hostile, restlessness and such emotional reactions due to the intake of wellbutrin these will reduce with time. Seizure may occur if use with alcohol and this can also increase drowsiness which is associated with wellbutrin. Therefore don’t use when driving or operating machines. Your mouth may be dry during this period of taking wellbutrin sr but drinking a lot of water may help, also chew gums if you can.

Don’t treat yourself of any disease while taking wellbutrin without letting your health care provider knows. Even if it is cough, cold or taking of herbal products. If during this period you are planning to go for a surgery let you doctor know. Keep wellbutrin in dry place away from children. Keep in a place of temperature between 20-25 degrees C.

The side effects of wellbutrin include but not limited to the following; Increase blood pressure, blurred vision, hallucination, difficulty in breathing, unusual direness, palpitation, redness of skin including the mouth. These side effects should be reported to your doctor.

Other side effects though are managed, and these include; loss of sexual drive, loss of appetite, menstrual changes, dizziness, difficulty in sleeping, dry mouth, nausea, weigh loss, sweating and tremor.

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