West Telemarketing Corp: Interview Tips

West Telemarketing Corp. hires a large amount of work from home agents. Commonly known by the nickname of West, they are one of the first places that people apply when they are looking from work from home. As an agent for West I have been asked many times about the application and interview process. I will shed some light on how to have a successful interview and secure yourself your work at home agent position.

The first step would be, of course, to fill out the online application. This application can be found at wests website www.workathomeagent.com. The next step is the hard part: wait. All that you can do is wait for West to email you with your phone interview date. You have the choice of either waiting for the interview date and speaking to a person, or calling in and using the automated recording system. All of your instructions will be included in that email. The interview, live or recoeded, should last from 10 to 15 minuets.

Whatever system you chose to use you will be required to read one of three paprgraphs. These will be included in the email. Since you don’t know which parapgraph you will be required to read you should practice all three. You will be judged heavaly on these so be sure that you are comfartable with all three.

When interviewing with West it is very important to sound professional. When you do you interview stay calm, even if you are nervous. Speak in a slow calm voice and think about your answers before you speak. If you are prone to losing your head in high pressure situations, such as interviews, be sure to practice your interview with a friend or family member.

There must be absolutely no background noise when you do you interview. No barking dogs, children, or other loud noises should be heard. When doing your interview, go to a seprate room away from anybody else. Background noise is one of the main reasons why agents do not get hired. I cannot stress enough how important that it is for your interview to be noise free. If you cannot have quiet even for a 15 minute interview how can they expect you to have a noise free environment for possibly hours on end while you work?

The last thing to remember is don’t over do it. Answer the questions that are asked clearly and fully, but be to the point. Avoid rambling on about things of little importance. Emphasize all the good points that you have to offer and, while still remaining honest, try to minimize the possible bad points. Again professionalism is the key.

The interview is very fast and easy. It will be over with in no time at all and you will be one step closer to your new position!

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