What Do the Crusades and the Holocaust Have in Common?

Almost everyone is familiar with the story of the Crusades. Whether you learned about them in school, seen movies or television shows, or even read about them in the stories. The Catholic Church had much power in the middle ages, and it still does today. It is one of the richest and largest land owning corporations in the World. While the Pope supposedly does not have much power today as he did in the past, he could control Kings and Queens in the Middle Ages with threats of Holy Damnation. If a King did not listen, he would be told he is going to hell, sometimes the King did not care. The First Crusades arose from ideas that William the Conquerer gave Pope Urban II. Pope Urban thought that he could solve some personal problems by starting a ‘Holy Crusade to reclaim the Holy Lands’ from the Turks. Four other Crusades were started by the Pope and others after him, while others after that were started by Kings themselves. Did the Church want owenership of the Holy Land for themselves so that they could make the money for the popular pilgrimages that people would take to Jerusalem? Did the Turks really close off Jerusalem?

The Catholic Church receives a lot of criticism for the things that they have instigated in the past, but what I have personally though of may be a subject of controversy. Did the Catholic Church tell Adolf Hitler to kill the Jews? That is my question. Historians argue that Hitler was an athiest but in fact he was Catholic and was never excommunicated for his deeds. It does not make sense for someone who commited such atrocities to not be excommunicated. The Church excommunicated people like Gallileo for simply saying that other planets exist in our Solar System. Pope Pius XII, the head of the Catholic Church during the time of Hitler’s leadership, is still a subject of controversy. Hitler and Pope Pius XII were linked in some writings, one author called him the ‘Pope of Hitler’. Others argue that Pius was standing on neutral ground and staying out of the conflict, avoiding pleas for help. Pius publically called Hitler a ‘satanic apparition’ after his death, but why did he not say anything while all of this was going on? The last major subject that is not comprehendable is that Italy was an ally to Germany in World War II. The Catholic Church does have some control in the politics in Italy, it is well-known, but noone knows how Pope Pius XII could let this happen. Could Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler been puppets controlled by the Catholic Church in an attempt to destroy the Jews because they do not believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and the Catholics believe everyone else is inferior to them? Ask yourself that.

This is all just a simple theory, no fingers are being pointed, it may actually be a fact that Hitler actually alienated himself from the Church on his own accord. He even stayed that Christinity was a weak religion, therefore he could have been completely psychotic or very clever in hiding his true allegiences. Pope Pius XII was a coward for not helping the Jewish people, and not publically opposing the Nazi’s, his word could have saved millions if he was not responsible for the deaths himself.

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