What Faith Means to Me

What is faith? Why does faith drive the world? Faith is the most controversial topic in the world and what does it mean to me?

Faith is what we need to get by through this world. This world is full of what some say came out of Pandora’s Box in ancient times, but in reality is just the darker side of our world; pain and sorrow. We have wars, famines, genocides, and persecutions all over the world. The history of man has shown us that our very nature, or the nature that we give into way too easily, leans towards mayhem and destruction. Why do we do this? It’s because some people say it’s the Devil at work in our lives, or whatever other representation of evil at work. It’s because our ‘self’ per say, is comprised of both good and evil. We just need to learn to trust that voice inside of us. Everyone has their own voice inside of them, which is that voice of God. It’s God’s little way of letting us know what he meant for us when he created all that is, instead of just letting the Devil have his way with us while he does nothing.

When people ask you, where is God in your life if he has never done anything for you, answer them with the following. God created everything around us, He even created me. He gave me the choice to make my own choices and do whatever it is that I want to do. In the same breath, He is the one who, by that little voice inside, helps guide me towards what is right for me. He is the reason I am who I am and am able to be able to keep identifying myself with my True Self.

Just ask yourself, What do you believe in? If you can honestly say you believe in God, then do it. Don’t care about what others say to you, if it helps you, then believe in it. Don’t have just a little idea or a blind faith in it, make sure you have reasoning for it. If you have that, then He will be there for you all the time instead of just when you absolutely need him. Think about it…and listen to that voice in your head…

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