What They Don’t Want You to Know: Secrets of Sorority Rush Week

So you’ve made the decision to rush. Depending on the Greek System at your college, that might mean meeting hundreds of girls in anywhere from four to twenty-four sororities. No, you won’t remember everyone’s name. Yes, you will be torn between a couple of sororities. And possibly, you might not get asked back by your first choice. Take a deep breath, be true to who you are, and remember, there is life after rush.

Rho Chis (pronounced Row Kies) are assigned to groups of rushees to offer moral support, answer questions, and basically put your mind at ease. Keep in mind that they are still all already sisters in the sororities you are rushing, however, they are not allowed to tell you which one. In fact, some of them may even live in the sorority house. The idea is that they will be “dis-affiliated” during rush week and theoretically should not be talking to their sisters, but let me tell you, the majority of them will be. With that said, it is not a good idea to let them in on who your top choice is, nor is it a good idea to make disparaging comments about anyone you have just met at the rush parties. Reason? Perhaps your top choice decides to cut you on the third day and your Rho Chi is a sister in your second choice sorority. You have given her the play by play everyday. Now, all of sudden, HER sorority is your top choice. Everyone in her sorority might have been impressed by you, but she’s already given them the scoop that you really wanted their rival. This could potentially leave a bad taste in their mouth AND cost you a bid. Another example: picture yourself having just gone through a house tour and the sorority member has talked your ear off and you think her breath smells. Your Rho Chi is your confidante right? Wrong. Share your opinions with her and while she might smile and nod, she is already crossing your name off their bid list. Why? Your hostess for that house tour happens to be her best friend and the President of their house. Rho Chis are awesome for general questions about rush, but please, for your own sake, do not get specific with them.

Dirty rushing is deemed not allowed during rush week. What is dirty rushing? Examples include promising bids before bid day, phoning rushees during rush week to let them know their status, and making negative and often untrue remarks about rival houses to gain advantage. You might not experience this at all during rush but if you do try not to get caught up in it. While it might be flattering to receive a phone call or be given special treatment, there is a flip side. If, after the phone calls, you decide on another house, the first house will likely try to make your life a living hell and you will have already made enemies your first few weeks of college.

During the week, some women you meet during rush will attempt to put you on the spot and ask how you feel about their house, and more specifically, if they are your first choice. They do this because when they turn in their invitation each night, they rank the women in the order of preference. By asking you your preference they can better determine where to put you on that list. My advice? Tell every sorority that they are your first choice. This will result in you being in a higher position on preference lists and keeps your options open longer. Play the game, don’t let the game play you.

Assets. Of course you always hear about the rumored rush questions: “What does your Daddy do for a living?” , “What neighborhood did you grow up in?”, and “Is that bracelet Tiffany?”. You know what? You probably will hear questions like that, but be prepared to talk about what non-tangible assets you will bring to the sorority. Most sororities will have a scoring sheet for each rushee and you will be scored on leadership, scholarship, volunteerism, personality, and looks (although they might call it grooming or hygeine). If you are part of an organization or volunteer for a charity make sure you bring it up in conversation somewhere. If you get straight A’s, it just might give you an edge. Remember to ask questions as well. This is a week where the sororities love to talk about how great they are. Feed into that and be enthusiastic about their answers. Keep in mind that while you are probably nervous about impressing them, they are just as nervous about impressing you.

Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. And please try not to get too attached to one sorority at the beginning of the week. Think about it. It’s kind of like dating. Would you really want a boyfriend that wasn’t that into you? Same goes for a sorority. While you may have your heart set on one because the most popular girl in the graduating class before you is a sister, that doesn’t mean that you’ll be happiest there. Go in with an open mind and an open heart.

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