What To Do With Old Altoid Tins

I once actually thought about the amount of stuff I throw out every day, have you? One of the things I eat all the time are altoids so I decided that I might as well figure out what I can use them for. The one thing I could think up of myself was making a candle. This is very easy but make sure you only use alcohol as the fuel. I once decided to use a chemical cleaning solvent and it turned out pretty bad. The flame was about a foot high and it was sewing acrid black smoke. I tried to put it out but unfortunately I just made the solvent get squeezed out from the wick and so I made the fire spread. Then in a desperate attempt I just took my cat’s water bowl and dumped it on the fire.

This told me never to use anything but alcohol which doesn’t burn out of control. Now to make this you need one altoid tin and a drill or a screw driver and strength. Now all you need to do is drill holes in the top of the tin. You can drill up to 6 in two rows but I would recommend just drilling two on opposite sides of the tin. You can also puncture hole by using a screw driver but it doesn’t look as nice and the holes come out very big so you’re candle’s fuel doesn’t last very long. Now that you have the holes all you want to do is just take some cotton squares and cut them up so that you can fit a long piece through the hole.

Now you just open the lid and fill it with alcohol and close it and light the cotton. There you go you have an altoid tin candle. If you want you can make many other things from altoid tins. There are hundreds of things you can make. My favorite of them all is the iPod charger or more specifically minty boost by Lady Ada. Look it up on Google and I’m sure you will NEVER run out of things to do with you’re altoid tins.

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