Take Action!

Take action!

Worried about unemployment, global warming, real estate, polution, depleting the earth’s resourses, your children’s futures? All these problems can be solved with one word- RECYCLE. It takes a little action but solves lots of issues.
I wish I had started recycling when I was younger. I’ve just re-discovered that recyclable items have little emblems hidden on them in various places to let us know what can be recycled. The problem is you need younger eyes to find these emblems, it’s like searching for Waldo. Once older people get their cataract surgeries they are re-equiped for emblem hunting. Emblem, emblem, where’s the emblem, is Waldo hiding it? Sometimes it’s on the bottom on a crease, sometimes it’s large and in the middle. Sometimes it’s on the paper wrapper in black ink, sometimes it’s in white ink. Sometimes it’s on the front sometimes the back. The companies are more involved in making their packages look pretty than letting us know what can be reused or maybe they just like to play jokes. Some items look identicle enough to me I search forever for an emblem to be disappointed. It sure takes a lot of time to be earth conscious. Can’t we standardize the emblem? Would that be asking to much to always place it where the ingredients are listed or always on the bottom. And what’s the deal with the size. Why does it have to be so small. I need a magnifying glass half the time to distinguish between the emblem and a scratch. Recycling should be a priority for us as the earth fills with trash. My neighborhood doesn’t have a recycling plan for hard goods, just bins stratigically located for paper. So, not only do I spend time looking for emblems I stash things in a bag and cart them to my dad’s house to share his recycling bin, I know others that do the same,(not to my dad’s house, but other locations). It seems if my neighborhood was interested in papers they could place other bins nearby. At dad’s home paper, plastic and cans all go in the same container. I love treasure hunting though. I just thought to look on the little plastic hangers that came with my new bras and panties, recyclable. My Little Ceaser dog food trays, recyclable. Alpo dog food cans, soup cans, coke cans: recyclable. Plastic butter containers, baby food containers, cream cheese containers, recyclable. My slim fast cans, recyclable.I was throwing them away at work!! Shame on me. Detergent and bleach bottles, recyclable. Milk bottles, recyclable. All those plastic bags we cart our groceries home in, recyclable. Walmarts I know has a box to return the plastic bags, maybe other grocery stores do also. Think of the millions of plastic bags clogging up the pores of mother earth. Would you put a plastic bag over your mother’s head!(well, that is another story, sorry, I didn’t mean to generate fantasies!) My job in a hospital is a major gold mine of recyclables but we don’t have facilities for it. Most of the containers for supplies I open in the surgery department, recyclable! All going down the shute to our incinerators and into the air to deplete the ozone layer. What a tragedy. I am trying my best to encourage recycling at work. The fear is those misfits that like to put the wrong items in bins because they are lazy or hateful will ruin it for us. I might start taking my clean work trash home to recycle bringing a whole new meaning to taking your work home with you.I told you I’m serious about this mission! Why do manufacturers of medical supplies bother to put emblems on their products if we just trash them? Most of what we buy now is reusable why are we throwing them in land fills instead of converting them into insulation, carpets, asphalt, more paper, bridges, jobs, cleaner air, prettier landscape ect. Nothing is biodegrable in land fills because garbage needs sunlight to decompose. Sun light doesn’t penetrate down past all the rubbish. Soon we’ll all be living on a garbage heap and propelling our refuse into God’s heaven, on the bright side, we can always unearth newspapers 50 years old and still read them. We generate tons of waste yearly, adding to the weight of the globe, it won’t be long before we’ll start to sink out of our orbit and slip farther from the sun so don’t worry about global warming, fear global freezing. I hope we can pat our selves on the back for our good stewardship of planet earth and outer space. I wonder if we can get payed personal at the landfills sorting out what is still salvageable? A last chance poke at the garbage. Hobos digging for food and carting recyclables to a pick up location, that would be one way to earn a living and feel worthwhile. It would be killing two birds with one stone, recycling trash and hobos! Look, we’re going to have to clean the planet up after the Lord’s return, it would be a great benefit to ourselves to get an early start. Why spend eternity picking up after ourselves when we could be having fun chasing rainbows.

Benefits of Recycling:

Conserves resources for our children’s future.
Prevents emissions of many greenhouse gases and water pollutants.
Saves energy.
Supplies valuable raw materials to industry.
Creates jobs.
Stimulates the development of greener technologies.
Reduces the need for new landfills and incinerators.

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