What You Should Know About Schools in New Hanover County

Welcome to New Hanover County, North Carolina! Moving your children from one school to another can be hard sometimes, on you and your student. As a parent, you want to be sure the school system and educational establishment your children are assigned to is fit, safe, and always on top of current and improving educational tactics. In each of New Hanover County’s schools you can rest assured your children will have a warm, welcoming transition in which they will be continuously able to apply their knowledge and also challenge themselves with new information.

Almost 93% of New Hanover’s students attend public schools. The New Hanover County Public School System includes thirty-eight schools, all of which are accredited by the state of North Carolina and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Furthermore, the New Hanover County School System is among the top ten largest school systems in North Carolina with an enrollment of almost 24,000! High schools here include grades 9-12, middle schools include grades 6-8, and all other schools are K-5. There are also three preschools for children ages 4-5; however, you must have a low income and apply for admittance.

Most elementary schools begin their day around 7:45am and end at 2:30pm. High Schools take in around 8am and release at 3:30pm. Transportation is provided for students who live one and one-half miles or more from the school they are assigned to. Breakfast and lunch is available in each school daily. Prices range from $1 for elementary school breakfast to $1.65 for elementary lunch. For high school students, breakfast costs $1 and lunch costs $2. Parents can apply at the beginning of the school year to have their children pay a reduced cost for both meals. Those prices are 30 cents for breakfast and 40 cents for lunch, for both elementary and high school students.

There is an extensive arts education program in this school system. It includes visual arts, band, chorus, and orchestra. Each school has a wide variety of curricula and extra-curricula clubs and activities.

Soaring Achievement, Great Expectations (SAGE) is New Hanover County Schools’ plan to address the academic and intellectual gifts of all students. Each elementary and middle school has a variety of options for meeting the needs of this age student. In elementary schools, a group of academically gifted students is taken aside and given more challenging coursework one day each week for an hour or so. Also, the SAGE teacher floats to each classroom once a week to provide slightly difficult or more thought-provoking coursework with each and every student. In Grades 9-12, they meet the needs of these students through advanced courses. New Hanover County Schools also provides a wide variety of services at each school for students with disabilities.

New Hanover County Schools has comprehensive high schools and an elementary school of science, mathematics, and technology. For example, Gregory Elementary School of Science, Math, and Technology offer students instruction that integrates science, math, and technology. The program also uses hands-on learning with technology such as AlphaSmart, LeapFrog, and digital cameras.

For the 2006-2007 school year, year-round education is offered again at three elementary schools: Johnson, Codington, and Eaton.

In New Hanover County Schools, the average student/teacher ratio in grades K-2 is 1:18. In all other grade levels it is 1:26. Most K-3 and preschool classrooms also have a teacher assistant.

New Hanover County schools have been recognized as excellent schools throughout the years. North Carolina has more National Board Certified teachers than any other state, and 170 of them are teaching in New Hanover County Schools!

Students will have to go to the appropriate school in the district in which they live. Parents should take a record of immunization as well as a withdrawal slip from any previous schools, birth certificate, social security card, name and address of the previous school, and a report card (if available). You must also carry a proof of residence, such as a copy of closing statement, lease, property tax statement or utility bill.

You may find further information about New Hanover County Schools on the website www.nhcs.k12.nc.us. You will find each school’s own webpage, middle and high school curriculum bulletins, and printed enrollment forms. Again, welcome to New Hanover County. As a former teacher for this school system, I am sure your children will enjoy their schools!

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