What’s Cooking in Columbia, Maryland?

Welcome to Columbia, Maryland, food capital of the world..okay, so maybe that is an exaggeration, but for someone who is an avid eater (no, I don’t binge), this may as well be. There are numerous choices for all manner of tastes. The information below is but a synopsis of what is available.


Great Eggspectation is a dream come true for those who love to have lots of options. They offer several ways to cook your eggs benedict, provide waffles, toast, pancakes, crepes and more as an accompaniment, and then allow you to choose your favorite wine or drink to go with it. Dinner and breakfast are served all day. For those who prefer themed ambiance, there is La Madelaine, where one can enjoy their breakfast in french ambiance. The bacon is always done perfectly and the breakfast platters are divine. The potato galette leaves you salivating for more, as do their light, buttery croissants. Magnifique! For those on a budget, try Panera Bread. They have a wide variety of coffees (very addictive), wonderful cream cheese spreads for your bagels, and the loveliest souffles.


The number one destination for an affordable but very tasty lunch would be Pei Wei, P.F. Changs ‘poorer’ cousin offers ambiance and great food at an affordable price. Try their tea, served in a perforated metal tube that you allow to steep in hot water, or try their minced chicken lettuce wraps. Although it is fast food, the restaurant atmosphere is maintained. What a great way to impress a date at an affordable price. For those of you who are interested in preparing your own food(Thai-Asian style), try the Mongolian Grill. You can put together whatever combination of foods that are laid out, buffet style, season them with different spices provided, then add sauce to the entire mix. You then take it to the open kitchen area where the cooks will cook it for you. The food is then brought to your table. This is an all-you-can-eat experience at an affordable price, your way. I have found it a great place to go, when there are several people in a party who don’t agree on any one type of food.


Have a date that you don’t want to end? Want to get to know someone better? Why not do it over dinner at the Melting Pot. This meal will take a minimum of 2 hours of dipping, talking and exploring new tastes. The food selections are great and the taste of the sauces, wonderful. Grey Rock Grill offers a wonderful variety of quality wines, great foods and a romantic atmosphere. Noodles Corner allows you to see all the different things you can do with the noodles. They are all wonderful dishes, served in a modern but Asian-themed atmosphere. The prices are affordable so it is a great place for the whole family to go. Bombay Peacock Grill offers up authentic Indian food while Mango Grove(call 410-884-3426 for more details) is a vegetarian Indian Food restaurant, offering buffet style meals. Baja Fresh offers Mexican foods made from fresh ingredients. I particularly love their fajitas. The meat is always well done, and very tasty.

There is not enough time to cover all the restaurants, but once you try these, you will be sure to come back and try the others.

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