How to Make a Delicious and Healthy Snack

When it comes to making healthy and nutritious food, the most difficult task is to add taste to it. Normally, we associate healthy food with vegetables and fruits. It is justified, but one can never rule out the nutritional value of various kind of meat, cheese, rice, white grain etc. A healthy and nutritional food should have all the nutrients, including fats and carbohydrates, albeit in a very minor quantity. By adding the ingredients which contain these two nutrients, we can also experiment with additional flavours and make the food palatable.


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    Buy recommended cookbooks

    Under normal circumstances, even housewives don’t find enough time to experiment with recipes. Even if they try it, trying to keep the food nutritious while making sure that the flavour combinations are right can be difficult task. The better option therefore is to buy at least two or three recommended cookbook, having a lot of recipes catering your specific need. These recipes have the calorie and nutrients breakdown and you can gradually introduce newer, better and more nutritious food to the household.

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    Say no to solid fats

    A little bit of everything is good. In case of vegetables and fruits, even some excess can do. But when it comes to consuming oil, sugar, butter and other such sources ensure that they are used sparingly, or not at all. You can always go for alternatives, and buy things which have more nutritional value. For example, when buying butter or milk in any superstar, you can get the fat free substitutes at the same prices.

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    Try to sort out the snack definition

    When we say snack, the instant image which comes to mind is that of a mayonnaise coated bread with eggs or cucumber, or other such oily delicacies. That is not true. Snack can be anything that can temporarily relieve your hunger and allow you to adhere to the daily routine. These snacks therefore should not be very heavy.

    Try to introduce healthy snacks at your home for example, Smoothies, fruit shakes, roasted nuts (in moderation), salads, fresh juices etc.

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    Ensure that your fridge or refrigerator has no junk food

    It is only natural to be inclined towards fatty food once you have a craving and it is available. The best way therefore is to eliminate the source. Never store stuff like burger patties, sausages, condensed milk, frizzy drinks and mayonnaise etc. in your fridge or refrigerator.  Instead fill it with fruits, milk, juices and other healthy stuff.

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