What’s Next for Amber Riley? Suggestions from a New Fan

I have to admit that Amber Riley’s appearance on “Dancing With The Stars” (DWTS) turned me into a new fan of hers. Never, in the history of this reality series has a ‘fluffy’ African American female been so successful. I am truly proud of her. But, now that DWTS is over and “Glee” is ending too, I wonder what’s next on the horizon for Ms. Riley. Below are a few of my suggestions.

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Future Career Choice: Fashion Line
Curvy girls are always in need of fashionable threads because most stores do not cater to them. Based on her age and physique, Amber Riley could easily spearhead or represent a plus-size clothing line. She could fill the current need of attire for thick girls who aren’t teens or seniors.

Future Career Choice: Workout Video
Despite her full figure, Amber Riley is in shape. Only a few videos are on the market today featuring curvy girls working out. There’s definitely room for one more. Here star power could sell this concept to females who might not otherwise exercise.

Future Career Choice: Role on “Scandal”
Main character Olivia Pope needs a half-sister to help her deal with life or at least distract her from it. Amber Riley is an excellent actress. She could fill this role and bring more drama to this political thriller as well as attract younger viewers.

Future Career Choice: Recording Artist
Because of her great vocals, Amber Riley did well on “Glee”. Her voice could also sell lots of pop singles to the public. She just needs to make a deal with the right music company and producer. Her image is already set and accepted by the public.

Future Career Choice: Disney Star
You would never guess that Amber Riley is in her late twenties. Her youthful appearance is perfect for reoccurring roles or one big role on the Disney network. She already has the talent. Her manager only has to contact a Disney exec to get the ball rolling for her.

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As you can see, DWTS star Amber Riley has a lot of options. Hopefully, she will take advantage of her current situation and surprise her old and new fans with more entertainment. I know I’ll be watching.

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