What’s in Your Area Code?

Are you tired of searching “The Local Ads” for local ads? Would you like to find a job to which you can take public transportation, or even walk? Would you like to burn less gas when you shop or play? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to check out www.LocalHelp411.com.

With everything from jobs, to business, to service providers, www.LocalHelp411.com is an emerging community-based website built for people are serious about living, working, and shopping locally. In addition, when its time to play, you can peruse LocalHelp411’s Community boards for local people to talk to.

While www.LocalHelp411.com is an awesome resource for locals, it is also helpful for visitors to a new area. The owner and founder Dan Nguyen states, “You can go on our site and see what resources are available locally like restaurants, nightclubs, babysitters, printers, and more.”

Each category of www.LocalHelp411.com is organized by state or province and area code. You can also browse the site by category. While this website is still new, you should not discount its value. I have been around the Internet long enough to know a real thing from an impostor. LocalHelp411.com is the real thing, in fact, it is better.

While reminiscent of Craigslist, www.LocalHelp411.com is “a lot more organized, and completely free”. According to Mr. Nguyen, “Job postings on Craigslist are $75/each for SF, LA and NYC while it’s 100% free on our site anywhere!” The classifieds on LocalHelp411 also lasts longer than Craigslist (30 days). Meanwhile, business and services are listed for a whole year. Mr. Nguyen also highlighted the fact that “our Business & Service directory are meant to service small Mom & Pop stores.” New and small businesses/service providers do not always have the advertising dollars necessary to compete with bigger establishments. LocalHelp411 can give them the free online exposure they need from local people who actually need their services.

Www.LocalHelp411.com is an awesome service. You can find a job you can actually get to, and a nearby apartment to boot. You can go to a chiropractor just around the corner, and get your dry-cleaning on the way. While you are at it, you might find that special man or woman who was right under your nose all along. LocalHelp411 makes the otherwise global Internet, local.

So, what’s in your area code? Visit www.LocalHelp411.com and invite all of your friends. More people using LocalHelp411 makes this awesome service more valuable everyone!

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