When is Your Child Old Enough to Be Left at Home Alone?

You many not really think about it especially if your child is a teenager but when is it really safe to leave your child home alone? Well the first thing you will want to do is check and make sure that it is legal in your state. For example some states set an age limit. They decide what they feel is the best age to leave your child home alone. You need to understand that things are not the way the used to be. Years ago you used to be able to leave your ten or eleven year old home while you ran to the store, but now in most states this is against the law. There is also the maturity factor that you have to take into consideration. Do you feel your child is mature enough for this type of responsibility?

Some experts feel that your child should never be left by themselves. They think that you should monitor your kids until they reach the legal age of 18. But some people think that that is over doing it a bit. If your child is old enough and mature enough to drive, then it would and should be ok for them to be left for a few hours at home by themselves. There are also some kids that are known as “latch key kids” who walk home from school and let themselves in the house and wait until there parents or guardians return home. This may no longer be safe, since some many predators are now preying on our children. Even a teen as old as sixteen can be at danger staying home alone. If you are unable to find any information on your state laws you could contact your local police department and check with them. They should definitely be able to give you more accurate information.

As a parent you are responsible for the care of your teenager and only you can decide what is best without violating any laws. If your teenager is mature and responsible, and it is not illegal in your state, you could give it a try, by just going to the store and leaving them home for a short period of time. Most authorities and child agencies do recommend that you never leave any teenager alone overnight, no matter what age they are. Remember times are very different from when you were a teenager or young adult. Your teen may feel that you are being unreasonable and too strict, but they need to understand that you are only looking out for their safety and well being. Whatever decision you decide to make, take the time to think it over thoroughly.

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