Where to Buy Online Gift Certificates

Forget having your presents stuffed in the back of the recipient’s closet. Give gift certificates and you’ll never have to worry about whether or not he or she liked your selection. With gift certificates, you’re sure to satisfy even the hardest-to-please person.

If there’s an occasion when you need to buy several gift certificates it can be time-consuming to visit various sites to find the gift certificates you want. And after deciding on stores, choosing amounts, going through the checkout and all the other hassles, you’ve literally got hours invested in purchasing a few cards.

There are some stores that carry a large variety of gift cards, from various stores, and you can purchase these all from the same site. Most of these sites allow you to send real gift cards or even electronic ones. You set your own amount at most of these types of stores, but at similar sites, you have to choose from the denominations that particular stores offers.

One such store is located at www.giftcertificates.com Choose gift cards from stores like T.J. Maxx, Macy’s, Gap, Barnes & Noble, Blockbuster, Sony, and many others. This store offers electronic or real gift cards. Just choose the cards you want, the denominations, and the recipients address or email, and you’re done. You’ll love the ease of the site and the many different stores they feature.

At www.giftcards.com you can purchase Visa debit cards in amounts from $25 to $250. You can personalize the card by adding the recipient’s name to the front along with a personal message like “Congratulations” or “I love you”. Select from various scenes on the front, too, like holiday or birthday scenes. The recipient can spend part of the money, and later, go online to find out how much remains. The cards can be sent priority, if needed, or you can allow them to arrive in a normal amount of time.

A site called Simon is a great place to get gift cards and the site offers some unique perks. The Simon Card carries the Visa logo and allows the recipient to use the card anywhere. After receiving the card the recipient can check the balance, find unique places to spend the money, and send a thank you card to the giver – all online. You can add the name of the recipient, along with a personalized message, and it will be printed on the front of the card. Go to www.simon.com/giftcard to find out more.

At Give Fun you can choose from many different stores, but the recipient has to go online to redeem the gift card. They list popular sites such as iTunes, Barnes & Noble, hotels.com, Spafinder, Chili’s and Olive Garden. You can have the certificate sent to the recipient’s email or you can print it and send it via the regular mail system. Have a look: www.givefun.com

At www.giftanything.com you can not only purchase gift certificates for friends and family, but you can also apply to become one of their merchants. The site lists dozens of stores like hotels, spas and clothing retailers. Have the certificate sent via email or mail service when you print and send.

If you just want to give Visa gift cards, and don’t intend to buy merchants’ cards, you can visit www.visa.com Here you’ll find lots of choices for the theme of the card, and you can buy the cards in many denominations. The site also features the personalization of the card.

The recipients of your gift cards will be thrilled with their present and you’ll be thankful for the time you saved purchasing all the certificates at one store.

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