Where to Find Consultant Jobs

In order to find consultant jobs a person must be diligent and patient. There are many resources available but it is important to be wary of scams and misleading content when attempting to find consultant jobs. Before choosing a consulting career it is also important to realize that it is your responsibility to keep your projects flowing in and this often requires hours of research and proposal-writing. An industrious and forbearing person is best suited for this role, as frustration with the market and the difficulty involved are largely the reasons people become discouraged when attempting to find consultant jobs.

One increasingly popular resource for consultants is sologig.com. Sologig.com provides flexible project searching for freelancers and consultants, allowing them to connect with potential clients all over the country. This website offers two levels of access. The first level is free, and allows you access to a personalized home page and a multitude of projects. A paid option allows the user increased flexibility in contacting potential clients and a priority rating when prospective employers search the database for a consultant. Prices range from $35.00 to $60.00 a month and discounts are available for signing up for more than one month at a time. This valuable resource is growing ever more popular and is a must on the list for anyone attempting to find consultant jobs.

Thinkjobs.com is another resource for consultants seeking new projects. This inclusive website if free to all users and provides a comprehensive search agent along with detailed information on all consultant positions. When using thinkjobs.com keep in mind that most positions are short term contract opportunities. Some of the listings may appear to be full-time jobs but can be misleading in this regard. Always check the “Job Duration” heading in the listing itself to determine if it is the type of consultant job you are seeking.

Guru.com is another valuable source for information for people who want to find consultant jobs. Various levels of membership allow for increased flexibility of use but a basic membership is free to anyone. Much like the other websites mentioned above, this site is best utilized by those who are seriously seeking consulting work. A paid membership for this site is essential (and affordable – ranging from only $29.95 – $129.94 per quarter). While you can post a profile and search positions with a basic (free) membership, you must upgrade to a paid membership in order to submit proposals to potential clients. Guru.com also requires a percentage payment of the project price, so this is something else to keep in mind when submitting proposals.

Many other resources are available online and can be found by searching for “consulting jobs” or “freelance work”. However, another great way to find local projects in your area is to simply run an ad in a community paper and also to “advertise” yourself and your consulting services in blogs and chat rooms. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is essential that a consultant be diligent and patient in their searches. As you slowly build a portfolio and your reputation your efforts to find consultant jobs will become increasingly easier. Another way to increase your project flow is to set up your own website, detailing the services you offer. Make sure to get the web address out there, though! Posting flyers and placing advertisements within your community will help you to increase your visibility, allowing potential clients the opportunity to view your services in full before contacting you. While this will not always be the case, it is sometimes possible to find projects in local want ads. I have experience with a few companies who sought to hire a full time employee, but retained my services instead when I explained to them the benefits of hiring a consultant, rather than hiring a direct employee. In order to successfully find consultant jobs one must be very resourceful and creative. Try not to get discouraged too easily, as with building any business the process of building your client base and references takes time.

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