Where to Find an Antique Stove in Massachusetts

Do you love the look of antique stoves? Do you consider their copper embellishments and beautiful designs a work of art? If you live in the MA area you are in luck because there are two great antique stores that specialize in antique stoves. There are also many online retailers that will be happy to ship a stove to anywhere in the country.

In the Massachusetts area the best place to look for an antique stove is Good Time Stove Co. located in Goshen, Massachusetts (413-268-3677) .Their entire selection is original. There are no reproductions. They have a large selection of heating and cooking antique stoves. Their selections of antique heating stoves include Cylinder Stoves, Potbelly Stoves, Parlor Stoves, Franklin Fireplace Stoves, and Box Stoves all originated between 1840 and 1910. Their full size antique heating stoves average from $1650 to $4850, while their small box stoves and parlor stoves range from $1650 to $3850.

They also have a large selection of antique cooking range. They have both Retro Cooking Range circa 1920-1930 and Victorian Cooking Ranges circa 1880-1910. The price ranges from $3850 to $12500. All their models can be converted to gas or electric. Their most beautiful antique stove is the Cabinet Glenwood. It includes nickel trivets, ash removal door, bread warmers and many other features that make this stove a gem.

If you would like more information, their website is http://www.goodtimestove.com and their number is 413-268-3677.

The next place to look for antique stoves in the Massachusetts area is Barnstable Stove Shop. They have 500 antique stoves in stock. They provide expert restoration and coast to coast shipping. Their selection includes Early Stoves, Baseburners, Parlor Stoves, Kitchen Ranges, Gas Ranges, and Franklin Style Stoves. Their prices ranges from $850 for an 1840-1850 Ransom small box stove to $5500 for an 1898 Glenwood Home Grand. Their feature stove is a 1900 Empire Acorn stove made in Albany, NY. This stove features a mica base burner, beautiful scrollwork casting and an acorn decorating the top of the stove. It is available in two sizes-small and medium.

Barnstable Stove Shop website is http://www.barnstablestove.com and their number is 508-362-9913. They are located at 2481 Meetinghouse Way, West Barnstable, MA.

If you can’t find what you are searching for in either of these two stores or want a later design antique stove, you can check out www.AntiqueAppliances.com. Their selection ranges from a 1904 Estate 12-burner gas range to a 1959 General Electric stove. Their prices range from $3,200 to $16,000. Their feature antique stove is a 1904 Estate 12 burner gas range. This model includes 12 gas surface burners, cast iron construction, five separately controlled oven burners and much more. It is $15,000 with 12 original burners and $18,000 with optional grill alteration. A very beautiful and unique find!

None of their products are sold “As Is”. Once the product is brought, they restore it to the customer’s specification. The price of restoration is included in the purchase price. They also sell replacement parts and offer antique appliance appraisals.

The next online retailer I will review is Vintage Stoves www.vintagestoves.com. They have a selection of over 300 vintage stoves and they will customize any stove you buy. They will also restore an antique stove you already own. Each stove comes with an exclusive five year warranty. Also all their stoves are equipped with thermocouples, standing pilots, and gas interrupter safeties. All these features are added as part of the restoration process.

I hope this article helps you find your perfect antique stove. While antique stoves are rare gems that you have to search for, they can be found. Any of the above retailers would be happy to help you find your perfect stove.

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