Where to Get Philly Cheesesteaks in New Jersey

Good Philly cheesesteaks are hard to find outside of Philly. However, if you live in New Jersey, and more specifically the Hoboken area, the best place you can get cheesesteaks is at Philly’s Cheesesteaks, located on Washington Street. The focus isn’t on service, but the place is clean and the food is pretty good for being a non-Philly Philly cheesesteak joint.

The little joint is located in Hoboken, on Washington street. It’s a clean little place that focuses more on the food than the service. There’s only a few tables to sit at inside and just a couple outside. The food is prepared right in front of you as you wait and only takes a few minutes to be ready. They have a small TV set up in the corner for waiting customers and employees to watch the latest New York Yankees game as well.

The menu consists of mainly cheesesteaks but they do have a variety of them. You have the option to add lettuce and tomatoes if you wish, for extra cost of course, or you can even replace your steak meat with chicken meat if you prefer. Along side these options, you also have the option to add additional toppings at 50 cents each, such as mushrooms, onions, peppers, and so on. You also choose from a list of cheeses that will be going into your cheesesteak, and to the delight of native cheesesteak fans, they do offer cheese whiz as one of the options. They also offer french fries and onion rings you can order on the side. If you don’t get anything extra, all you get is the cheesesteak, which consists of the cheese, steak, and bread; and a pickle.

Overall, the food is very clean and very good. The meat is not overcooked and they give you a healthy portion per sandwich. The steak meat is sliced up into thin slices and stuffed into the bread. However, the meat is just a tad bit bland, as it seems like they don’t really season it with anything. It doesn’t affect the overall flavor a great deal, but having tasted orignal Philly cheesesteaks, it is noticeable. The cheese whiz is placed below the meat which causes the bread to become soaky faster. This really doesn’t become a problem, but it’s just a personal preference to have it on top. The bread is just great if you like the chewy kind. I personally love chewy bread and that’s what I got. It’s not flaky or crispy at all, it’s entirely soft and chewy. Some might even consider it to be a bit too chewy, but it wasn’t a problem for me.
The overall size of the sandwhich is a pretty good helping. It’s enough for a meal, but won’t leave you feeling overly stuffed. It’s about the same size as you would get in South Philly. Of course, for the more hearty eaters, two sandwiches would probably be required.

The fries and onion rings were made just right, crsipy but not too overdone. However, the focus of this place is definetly the sandwiches so I won’t say much more about the side items.

Another plus is that they offer peppers on the side that you can scoop onto your plate as a condiment. They also provide a bottle of ketchup next to the peppers for those that like to put ketchup on their cheesesteaks. The peppers are really good and add more flavor to the cheesesteaks when eaten together, and I’m always a fan of trying to keep the cheesesteak as close to the orignal as possible so I like to put some ketchup on mine too.

The price is pretty reasonable given the area the store is located. It’ll cost a little over $8 to get the cheesesteak, one extra topping, and a drink. However, one complaint is that they charge to put onions in the cheesesteak. This limits people who are sort of tight on budget (college students mostly) but are expecting to have onions already included in their sandwhiches! This is a minor complaint, but one that’ll cost you 50 cents.

Philly’s Cheesesteaks also has free delievery in the area. Delievery is always good and free delievery is always better. They are fast and reliable. The friendliness of the people working there is also good, with service with a smile and a polite asking of how good their food was.

Overall, Philly’s Cheesesteaks is a good place to get Philly cheesesteaks in Hoboken. Is it as good as the original? No way. But, it is a good alternative if you’re living in the Hoboken area and are craving some Philly cheesesteaks.

They accept both cash and credit card with no minimum charge limit.

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