Where to Have an Easter Egg Hunt

Are you searching for the perfect place to hold your Easter egg hunt and coming up empty handed? I am going to share with you many ideas I have about great places to have your Easter egg hunt.

Most Easter egg hunts are held on your back or front lawn. This is always a good place to have an Easter egg hunt, but sometimes your lawn may not be big enough for the amount of kids coming to hunt Easter eggs. Maybe you don’t think your lawn is pretty enough for an Easter egg hunt. Your front or back lawn are not your only choices.

One great place you could look into having an Easter egg hunt, would be the local park. Many parks have tents with tables available for rent. Give them a call and get a spot rented for Easter day. Most parks are filled with trees, grass and pine straw. All of which are great things to help hide the Easter eggs for your hunt.

Church lawns are always a good place for having an Easter egg hunt. Many churches have lawns, and nice grassy areas. Call your local church and see if they would mind you having an Easter egg hunt on their lawn. Chances are, they will welcome the idea with open arms.

The zoo is also a great location for an Easter egg hunt. There are many available places at the zoo to hide the eggs, and groups of children are always welcome. You could have an Easter egg hunt and then visit the animals afterwards.

Just about any school or daycare facility would welcome the idea of an Easter egg hunt. These are very familiar places to your children, and the school or daycare lawn they play on every day could be an excellent choice.

Is the weather man predicting rain to fall on your Easter egg hunt? Don’t cancel the egg hunt just yet! Call up an inside rec center for children, that usually hosts birthday parties, like the Jungle Gym or the Fun Factory. Places like this were designed with children in mind, and would probably love to have an Easter egg hunt in their facility. Somewhere like this would have many places to hide those Easter eggs, and your kids would just love it!

If rain is a factor you still have few more options to take that Easter egg hunt inside. Have the Easter egg hunt inside of your home. Assign a couple of rooms to have the eggs hidden in them and the kids will appreciate your effort.

Another good rainy day spot for an Easter egg hunt is the gym of your local church, daycare, or school. Most of these places have gymnasiums, and this facility would be a great choice for an Easter egg hunt.

Don’t get discouraged about where to have your Easter egg hunt. Places such as these I have mentioned are to be found everywhere. Just keep your eyes open and keep looking, eventually you will find the perfect place to have an Easter egg hunt.

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