How to Survive Black Friday

Admit it or not, Black Friday is here to stay. So if you absolutely cannot stay away from the “great” deals on this most special shopping day of the year, common sense and the Los Angeles Police Department have a few tips for you the shopaholic.

Try Not To Shop Alone – Not only will there be safety in numbers, but who will keep you company on the lines outside the store and more importantly who will keep your place at the checkout line as you shop or go to the restroom?

Have a Shopping Plan and Stick To It – Before the big day, prioritize which big-ticket or absolutely must-buy items you need to purchase and create a plan to snatch those first. Then map out what you’ll do for the rest of the day.

Keep Hydrated and Get Some Sleep Before-Hand – Be well rested and bring enough water because the day could be a long and tiring one.

Patience is the Virtue – Long lines both outside and inside the stores are a given, so bring all the tolerance you’ll need. Also remember, if it’s a great deal, everyone else will fight to grab them from you, especially if it’s the last one in the store.

Keep Your Purchases Out of Sight – While waiting for your group to finish shopping, do take care to protect your purchases. Keep an eye on them at all times and if you must leave them inside your cars, stow it away where no casual eye can see them. And please lock your doors and roll up the windows.

Use Common Sense – Never leave your wallet or purse on a shopping cart or on top of the counters. Better yet, don’t bring anything else except for a small wallet containing the cards you need and your ID. Bring only a limited amount of cash. Also do not bring toddlers and babies!

Keep your Sense of Humor – Don’t leave home without this! Remember not everyone wanted to be there in the first place, particularly the sales crew. Give them a break and treat them decently and you’ll have a better shopping experience all together.

Dress Right – No heels, short-shorts, tight skirts or flip flops. Dress casually and for comfort. And be prepared for lower temperatures.

Be A Good Citizen – Follow store rules and traffic laws. Be particularly careful at parking lots and coming in and out of them. Don’t text and drive!

Report Suspicious Characters and Circumstances – Look out for pickpockets and other bad elements. Not everyone is there for the same reason as you are. If you see something fishy, report them to the store or mall security.

Now you’re ready to shop. If not, then stay at home and enjoy the holiday!

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