Where to Shop for Outdoor Lighting on the Internet

Lighting is every bit as important an element for the outdoors as it is the indoors. Lighting the dark creates a sense of adventure in some, relaxation in others and even safety for a few. If you’ve created a well thought out oasis, whether it’s in your front yard or back, the proper lighting can only make it more exquisite. During the day, one can see your entire outdoor area; there is nothing hidden or mysterious. As soon as the sun goes down, however, you have the ability to control what the eye sees and the mood you meant to create when planning your design. The mood could be romantic, magical or simply secure.

In this article, I’ll take you on a tour of the best places on the web to find lighting for any of your goals. Whether the lighting serves a mundane purpose or an aesthetic one, you’ll find the perfect site to meet your whimsy and your budget.

The first stop on our tour is that worldwide garage sale, eBay. I consider eBay to be kind of like that old yellow pages commercial; “if it’s not in here, maybe it doesn’t exist”. That’s because you can literally find anything there no matter what your budget. If you’re already shopping on the internet, chances are you’re going to pay for shipping anyway – why not give yourself a break on the actual purchase? Under the “Outdoor Lighting” section of the “Home & Garden Category”, you’ll find over 4000 items just waiting to be purchased. If you want little plastic bead lights for your gazebo, they got it. If you want a light up gnome with a glowing glass orb for your garden, they got that too. Want to go BIG and put an old Victorian street lamp in your front yard, look no further – they’ve got that too. I warn anyone who shops on eBay – before you commit to buy anything: check seller feedback, thoroughly read your auction and ask questions, and finally review the return policy to make sure you agree. If something seems wrong to you – do not commit to buy.

The next stop on our tour is a virtual place that deals with those who might have champagne taste on a tap water budget. Lightingshowroom.com has an easy to use site and a surprisingly vast selection. Their offerings include outdoor wall lamps, pendants, ceiling lamps for your gazebo or overhang, post lights and landscape lighting. Their prices range from very affordable, starting at around $70.00, to luxurious at $1,000.00 or more. While you’re browsing, be sure to take note of the listings that are labeled “On Sale (Like New Return)”. This is where you’ll find your best bargains with huge cuts in the price just because the item was returned to them. With free shipping on most of their expansive stock, it’s no wonder Lightingshowroom.com has earned a Customer Certified seal of approval and a “Good” rating from bizrate.com.

The final stop on our outdoor lighting adventure is Affordablequalitylighting.com. It’s a long name, but a well organized, easy to use site that includes everything you need to complete your outdoor lighting project; from the fixtures to the wiring and timers. Their inventory is so expansive, there’s just not enough bandwidth for me to cover it here. I’ll just skip to the highlights. My favorite part of this site is that it gives little tips based on your climate; offering suggestions for what kind of lighting to consider if you live in snow or by the ocean. Another convenience of this site is the way it’s categorized. It is remarkably easy to locate the exact sort of light you are looking for. My favorite section is the “Outdoor Fun & Theme Lighting” section, which provides the cutest options for a beach or garden themed lighting project. Finally, this site has the widest variety of wireless and solar powered outdoor lighting that I’ve seen so far.

So, now that you know where to shop, stock up on all your twinkling outdoor lighting gadgets and put it all together. Save the flood lights for the motion detector and the soft bulbs for your sitting area and pathways. Theme lights offer versatility of adding whimsy to your outdoor area during the day and lighting to the same area after dusk. Just remember that if it looks good in your garden when the sun is out – it’ll be simply stellar at night time.

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