Ziploc Big Bags Make Organizing Your Home a Snap

I was lured to the Space Bags by watching the demonstrations on QVC and finally having a vacuum with a hose that would enable use of these bags. I purchased through amazon the Original Space Bag Combo, which consisted of two large and one jumbo bags. The large is advertised as holding from ten to twelve sweaters with the extra large capable of two comforters along with four pillows.

What consumers do not realize until they receive their Space Bags is that there is a fill-line that is three inches from the zipper that cannot contain any items. The slide zipper is basically useless after storing the items and needing to open the package again. The size of these bags makes storage impossible and forget about stacking them onto one another. They are to be stored in a flat position and this makes decluttering your house hard with no spot for the Space Bag!

I was able to get two twin size mattress pads and one comforter inside one large Space Bag. Another bag held numerous pairs of adult and child sized jeans with ease and had room leftover. However, each time I search for something in these bags I need to use caution with the zipper as it is very flimsy and then you have to lug out your vacuum and affix the hose to the valve and reclose.

One simple suggestion to avoid this fiasco is to purchase the Ziploc Big Bags. There are four extra large gallon size bags in a nice shade of light blue with a great grip handle that is easy to open and seal closed. You can even find these at the grocery store for five dollars on sale. It is also possible to snag coupons for these bags as Ziploc often has coupons in the Sunday circular and offered them when the product first appeared on the market.

Space Bags cost about fifteen dollars for a few and are rated poorly everywhere on amazon. Ziploc is a brand families trust and utilize for smaller storage needs and can now add these gallon sized bags for their storage needs. I used one bag for storing paper airplanes and origami creations my son has created. Another bag was used to condense toys where the box was torn and needed to be tossed.

This past weekend I switched over the closets for my two sons and placed long sleeved shirts and pants into one Ziploc Big Bag. There was no struggle and mininum effort on my part to stack them in a pile and place into the bag, seal shut and grab handle to place inside cabinet.

With the school year ending these bags make saving school and artwork a simple task of storing and teachers can keep their materials in a see through bag and mark the label on the top corner with the name of the contents. The Space Bags do not even have a section for writing what the contents are.

These are worth five stars and perfect for packing the vehicle with emergency kits and supplies for vacations. The actual size of the extra large is 2 ft by 1.7 ft. The box mentions there is also an extra extra large size that I did not find at the local grocery store, but hope to locate at Target. Instead of purchasing those expensive and bulky plastic organizers and containers you see at the stores after the Holidays, purchase at a fraction of the cost the Ziploc Big Bags and store everything with ease more efficiently. The next time your child’s room is a mess, simply hand them a Ziploc Big Bag and have them remove the clutter from floors and bed.

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