Whirlpool GHW 9400SU Washer Review

Couple of weeks ago it became reality that my old washing machine was on its last leg. So after using second hand used washers and laundry services for years we took a splunge and decided to buy the real mccoy! I went to the local appliance store to compare the available machines and returned home to do some researching before buying.


Only washers I’ve owned before have been top-loading machines. Having children home I was thinking that would be the best and safest way to go still. I was very surprised to read from consumer search website at www.consumersearch.com that generally front-loading machines will use 40 to 50 percent less water and 50 to 65 percent less electricity than top-loaders! Those are HUGE numbers! Front-loaders were told also to spin faster than top-loaders shortening spin time and removing more water from the clothing.

Minus side was that you can’t really soak your clothes and you should always use special low-sudsing “HE” stamped soaps, those can be more costly.

I still decided that in the long run front-loader would be smarter way to go! As long as there is a child lock in my machine.


For the quality. I talked to my friends and relatives and it seems like almost everyone has some type of Whirlpool appliance and they are mostly happy with it. This washer-dryer combo was the new hot item in our local store and frankly I liked the look and it was not the most expensive on its category. I also have a $100 rebate from Whirlpool to this washer so it did not hurt! The fact that I can extend the warranty with the company after my 1 year manufacturer warranty runs out is a very nice option to have! I did read that my limited warranty does not cover the fire or flood or light bulbs or filters but all bigger pats on the machine are covered.

This washer does get the Energy Star stamp being energy efficient. It supposedly uses 227 kWh/year if you do 8 normal loads a week. It is not the best on it’s category, you can buy a washer with 177 kWh/year but that is more expensive washer. With electric water heater you are estimated to use $18 a year and with natural gas water heater the cost is $9. I can live with those numbers if they actually are true!


My appliance store delivers this washer (with a dryer) and I have a pro to install it. They did try to sell me pedestal or pedestal with a drawer for both, washer and dryer but I thought they were quite pricey in about $200 a piece just to have a drawer under the washer! I do have sturdy level place for my washer with closets next to it so that did not make sense for me. For some that can be a good option though.

You can also stack the washer with the dryer, you need to purchase separate stacking kit which was priced for over $50 in my store. My ceiling is not high enough for stacking so that was not an option for me.

The machine was set up quickly and seemed pretty simple but I’m still happy it was done by the pro, you never know.. He also told me that I should make sure the water heater is set up high enough thermostat if I want to use the sanitation or whitest whites cycles to the full capacity.


This washer is little deeper than my previous and few inches taller, to my surprise I had just about enough room to open the door in my laundry nook. Thankfully I do! But you want to measure your nook to be sure! The manual tells you to run it in normal cycle with little soap to make sure the drum is clean before putting your clothes in.

Normal/Casual is done in 40 minutes and I do like that! There is plenty options and I have not used all of them yet but the automatic water leveling is great! If your clothes are not evenly in the washer it actually tumbles and levels them for the best results! Spin cycle is so quiet that I had to go make sure the washer still works!

There is a water heater in the machine and as the salesman told me your clothes will get clean because the stains that require cooler water dissolve with your soap first and then the water heats up and works on the oily stains! And yes, it does!!! My kids play clothes are looking clean again!

There is an ACCUWASH Automative Temperature Control so if you run out of hot water in your pipes the washer heats your water to make sure your clothes come clean.

I’ve used the Quick Wash that allows you to wash few items in 25 minutes for washing my kids jackets after tripping outside. In less than 40 minutes the jackets are ready to go again! NICE!

You also have Silk, Wool, Active Wear, Delicate, Bulky Items and Heavy Duty cycles to choose from. I did my comforter in “bulky” cycle, it takes 55 minutes. Longest cycle is Sanitary, it takes almost 2 hours because it heats the water to the maximum. I have not used it yet. It is said to be handy for diapers or soiled garments.


After having this Duet duo in my house for over a week I’m a happy customer! The door is easy to open and close, there is child lock but you CAN add clothing in the wash first 8 minutes if you push few buttons before opening the door. Clothes are clean and almost dry after spin, washer has not moved, my old one used to travel all over in the spin cycle. This washer is so big that when I normally did 2-3 loads a day (I have 5 children..) I’m down to one if I can put all clothes together. You truly CAN put 16 pairs of jeans in this washer! I tried!

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