Whitney Houston-What She Has Accomplished and What We Can Soon Expect

Whitney Houston is definitely a legend in her own right. She has had numerous number one hits, and has a voice that mesmerizes every one who hears it. She is one of the greatest American pop and R&B singers in the world. This of course is in addition to her acting career. She has tried her hand in many different fields including a film producer, songwriter, and even a fashion model. Just about every song that she sings seems to top the billboard charts. Her first album did not sell very quickly, that is until her single “You give good Love”. Several singles that followed that one was “Saving all my love for You”, “How will I know”, “Greatest love of all”, I Wanna Dance with Somebody”, “Didn’t We Almost Have It All”, “So Emotional”, “Where Do Broken Hearts Go”.

She also did some songs on the soundtrack of her movie “The Bodyguard” which was released in 1992. Her remake of the Dolly Parton song “I will always love You” instantly went straight to number one on the charts. A few other songs that she did for that soundtrack that were also instant successes were, “I Have Nothing, Run to You, “Queen of the Night”. Never before has anyone made a hit of both the movie and the soundtrack. In addition to that movie she also appeared in Waiting to Exhale, and sang the song ‘Exhale (Shoop, Shoop)”. Another song for that particular soundtrack that was another instant hit was “Count on Me” which was a duet with CeCe Winans. Next came the movie “The Preachers Wife”. Although this one did not do very well at the box office the soundtrack was another hit. Whitney’s song “I Believe in you and Me” was definitely another one under her belt.

Unfortunately the focus for Whitney has not been on her music career lately. It has been a lot more on her personal life, with Bobby Brown. The two of them definitely made an odd couple, and the media never seemed to be able to get enough of them. It seems that Mr. Brown is always in Jail or in trouble for something. There have also been numerous rumors of him cheating on her. The latest development however is that Whitney has finally chosen to file for legal separation. The two of them have been living separately for several months. Many people still think that she is on drugs and that her husband is the one who got her hooked. Others feel that he is just a very controlling man, and used her for the money. Regardless of what people think it seems that the relationship is just about over. For fans who still love the diva the hope is that she will know come out with an album to top all of the others. Her talent is definitely something that should not be wasted.

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