Who Will Be the Best Florida Team This Decade Florida State or UCF

Over the past many years there has been a great debate about who is the best team in Florida. It started out with Miami dominating teams in the 1980s. Then Florida State in the 1990s and then Florida under Urban Meyer in the late 2000s.

But who is going to dominate this decade. Many thought the Florida Gators with the great season they had last year but now with a 4-5 record. Now its Florida States to lose they have just dominated the ACC this year and had two successful seasons before this year. Miami looked to return to its former glory after starting the 7-0 and a win over Florida, but after getting completely throttled by Florida State and losing to Virginia Tech all hope is lost this season. Maybe the Hurricanes after this season will have gained enough momentum to take the rest of the decade by storm unlike the University of Southern Florida. The USF bulls looked like they could become the next Miami of the 1980s after moving up from conference USA to the Big East, but they stymied out after hiring head coach Holtz. Will the team everyone’s missing be the UCF knights a team that has rose up out of the ashes and may see its first ever BCS bowl appearance.

What is the criteria of being the best team of the decade. Is it winning percentage, conference titles, national titles, the most top ten rankings, or the most BCS bowl wins. Well as of right now Florida State is ahead by 1 in all categories except national titles. With UCF’s only loss this year coming from the number 12 ranked South Carolina Gamecocks by 3 points if Florida State was to lose its conference championship to an unranked opponent we could see an UCF ranked higher than FSU. If FSU was to win the ACC title but lose one of its last few regular season games we could see UCF vs. FSU in the orange bowl.

As of right now with UCF defeated the two best opponents in AAC conference Louisville and Houston. They are in total control of their own destiny to winning their first conference title in three years and also going to their first ever BCS bowl game.

As of right now if both teams were to win out UCF would have the best chance of winning a BCS title, but Florida State will be the first one to play for a National Title in this decade.

The team as of right now leading the standings for best Florida football team is Florida State. FSU will be the team if any that will win the most Championships in Florida this decade, but will they be the most consistent team with UCF coming out being the dominant team in a poorer conference.

UCF could end up winning more conference titles, bowl games, and having the best winning percentage of this decade. So no matter which criteria you think deserves the most merit you can’t deny that these two teams right now are the two best in the state of Florida.

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