Why Are Some Pit Bulls Naturally Mean and Others Very Mild?

Put bulls have often made the headlines in the United States as one of the meanest and most aggressive animals. They are feared by mans as dogs that attack and kill people for no reason. Children are not the only victims but adults are as well. Unfortunately pit bulls have a very dark history. They have very muscular bodies and heavy steel trapped jaws that can exert a pressure of over 1800 pounds per square inch. They usually attack silently, even without being provoked. The majority of there victims have been family members.

However one owner of a pit bull that I have spoken with praises them as being loyal and making great pets, especially for families with kids. Shortly after making that statement one of his pets locked its teeth on his arm and put him in the hospital for about a week. Over the past several years the list of people injured by pit-bull attacks has run into the thousands. Due to this many owners have been dumping their pit bulls on the streets, and turning them in at animal shelters to be destroyed. They no longer feel safe and are unwilling to risk their families safety.

It has even gotten to the point where many insurance companies are now refusing to cover pit bulls, and a few other very aggressive dogs. What makes this even more tragics is that not all of these dogs are dangerous. The problem is not the dogs it is the owners according to one researcher. However they did point out that they are more difficult to raise than some of the other dog breeds. And these dogs are not for everyone, especially not for those with small children. According to the United Kennel Club if you are raising your pit bull like you should, your pet will be one of the nicest pets you could ever imagine.

There is a certain type of pit bull that is savage and uncontrollable. They are being considered a new pit bull breed. This is caused by inbreeding which is actually ruining the pit bull breed. The majority of these dogs are bred for dogfighting. The owners make them aggressive when they are very young. Even though dog fighting is illegal it is still occurring all over the United States. Many teenagers who are members of gangs like to have these animals because they feel that it makes them appear tough to others. They also use their pit bulls as weapons.

Several municipalities in New Jersey and New York have even banned pit bulls by law. However if they are raised by a responsible loving family they can make great pets. They have a very playful side to their personality like any other pet has. They do not shed much and are easily groomed. And of course they are great watch dogs. So although some dogs are born more aggressive than others they are not really born mean. How a dog behaves when it gets older depends on how it is raised. Just like how a child behaves when they become teenagers depends on how they are raised as babies.

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