Why Are You Failing in Your Network Marketing Business?

Are you serious about your Network Marketing business?

What do I mean about being serious? Well, you have to be able to see yourself being successful in this industry. You have to want it bad enough to do what it takes to succeed. You have to be coachable, motivated and have a deep desire to change your life and create it as you want it to be. You have to have faith and realize that you already have what it takes to succeed in the Network Marketing Industry. You just have to tap into it and use it on a consistent basis. Do you want to learn what you already possess to be sucessful and how to use it. Keep reading on and you will be delighted!

Okay, first of all if you want to truly succeed in the Network Marketing Industry, you have to be willing to invest time & money in yourself and your business. Plain and simple. I’m not referring to spending your money foolishly on every opportunity you see on the Internet in the hopes of getting rich. What I’m talking about is being consistent with diligent effort, managing your time effectively and be willing to invest money in developing yourself and your business.

You need to set a daily goal for yourself and strive everyday to meet that goal. Your goal can be a certain schedule or hours that you pick out for yourself to prospect for your business. Notice I said prospect for your business. If you don’t prospect for your business on a consistent basis, your business will stagger and you will not make any money. Studying and learning about your product and/or service and working to develop your Network Marketing skills is well enough, but it is not the same as prospecting for your business. You can set a small amount of time daily for that. It’s called the 80/20 percent ratio. You need to be adding people to your downline 80 percent of the time whether it be to use your product or service or recruiting them into your business opportunity. The other 20 percent of your time is spent developing your product or service knowledge and enhancing your Network Marketing skills.

The other very important part of being successful in your Network Marketing business is to have faith in yourself. You need to direct your thoughts to the success of your business. How do you do this? There is actually an exact science to this. Write this down. You do this by creating an image in your mind of you being successful in your business. See yourself prospecting on a consistent basis. Visualize your prospects saying yes to what you are presenting. See yourself as being confident and persuasive. Create an image of yourself earning a residual lifetime income with your business and living your life the way you want to because you are financially free.

While you are holding this image in your mind, do it in the present tense. Be that person now. Act as if you already have what you are imaging. Make your image as real as you possibly can. Involve all your five senses in your image. Notice how you feel being successful. What colors are in your image? Hear what your prospects are saying to you. Your mind is an extremely powerful tool, so use it wisely. If negative thoughts intrude on your image, accept them but replace them with positive thoughts. This is the process of creating your image as you want it and manifesting it into reality.

Know your image is being created and is on its way to you. Have faith in your image and most importantly be consistent with holding this image in your mind on a daily basis. In other words, live in your image everyday until it becomes your physical reality. You will become successful in your Network Marketing business if you follow this advice consistently.

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