Why Aren’t People Reading My Ads?

Today was my lucky day! I COULD have seen 25 emails a minute shoot by with the exact same subject, but it didn’t happen. There were only 15.

Every one of them confirmed it was my lucky day and that I had less than 24 hours to hurry up and make sure it happened. I think the inference was that I shouldn’t push my luck too far. As freely as it can be given, ‘luck’ can be taken away. I didn’t bother to find out either way.

The next 10 emails were wonderfully creative. Every one told me that I had exactly 24 hours to sign up for their safelist or I’d be sorry. BE sorry? Anyone want a lesson in past tense?

As you can well imagine, I was now so anxious to see what the rest of my email was going to say; it was all I could do to sit still!

I didn’t have to wait long. Seven more let me know I was missing the opportunity of my life. Twelve others had the decency to tell me that all the entire trip to my Road To Fame and Fortune would cost me was a measly five bucks. Yes, every last one of them said ‘measly’. Boy, is your email as interesting as mine, or am I being singled out for such works of art?

Paypal’s getting an extraordinary amount of attention. I received no less than 7 or 8 emails alerting me about how low my funds were. The good news was that every one of them could fix it in the same way. I had to take a much-needed pause from all this excitement! I felt as “keyed up” as those English people who sang about English Derby Day in “My Fair Lady”.

Are you wondering if I have a point I’m trying to make – or have you gotten it yet? Why do people join programs and 98% of them send out the exact same ad? Even the creators of these things tell you to play around with the words; be a little different. Apparently this means nothing to the joiner.

So, I have to ask: What’s the problem? Does this take too much time? Or, is it that you don’t feel you have the skill to do a re-write. I can forgive that – up to a point. What is difficult to continue to forgive is why a person seeking a modicum of success wouldn’t go one step further and get someone to help out with an ad that someone will notice.

If I see 6, 7, 8 or 9 of the same ads, I’ve lost interest in every one of them. The most I’m feeling is aggravation that they have used up my email with a bunch of ads reproducing themselves.

My friends, if you have a sneaking hunch that no one is reading your ads, or worse they are being deleted, take a close look at what you are sending out. Are you working this hard at being the best copy-cat the Internet has to offer, or is your real objective to make a dollar or two? Sure, it may cost you a few dollars but at least you’re looking at the hope of a return for your money.

It’s your choice. If I were you, I’d write me!

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