Why Attend a Women’s College?

Fall of senior year and you’re having trouble picking schools to apply to. You’ve considered cost, location and programs, but you’re worried about learning atmosphere, safety and social life. You want to make friends that will last a lifetime – and receive a rigorous education. Have you considered a women’s college?

If the words “women’s college” brings up visions of militant bra-burners or finishing schools, think again. Same-sex education is not only beneficial to women, it can revolutionize and expand upon your expectations for the college experience.

Why attend a women’s college? Read on:

Women who attend same-sex universities and colleges consistently score higher on standardized tests, participate at a more engaged level in class and gain in self-esteem. The secret? An all-female classroom eliminates distractions and competitiveness while empowering women to speak up and learn together. The unique bond female students form with each other lends a collegial, focused atmosphere to the classroom and can enhance learning. Interested in historically male-dominated professions? A women’s college can give you both the educational background and the self-esteem you need to exceed in your chosen field. And, as an added bonus, women’s colleges are usually small, providing individualized attention and a nurturing learning environment.

But the tight-knit classroom isn’t the only reason to consider a women’s college – residing in same-sex housing can create friendships that turn into lifelong bonds. House or dormitory staff is trained to deal with the unique challenges and problems of female residents and can respond more effectively to all residents. All-female residences tend to mix hard work with play – all in a comfortable, non-threatening atmosphere.

And because women’s colleges are geared towards a specific population, their curricula, faculty and even facilities are woman-friendly. Having activities and services tailored to you and your needs helps ease the transition into independent living. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Think you’ll make great friends in school? Well, wait until those experiences translate into recommendations, job leads and networking possibilities in the years after graduation. Employers recognize graduates of women’s colleges as focused and motivated, and there are plenty of famous grads to prove them right. One of every seven female cabinet members in state government attended a women’s college. Notables such as Gloria Steinem, Julia Child, Hillary Rodham Clinton and more graduated from women’s colleges, along with more than 20% of female members of Congress.

If you’re a young woman looking for an educational experience to last a lifetime, a women’s college might be right for you. Talk to a guidance counselor or search online for a good fit.

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