Why I Want to Take the Internet by Storm

Why would someone even care about something seemingly so pointless? Why is it not pointless to me as well? There are many questions that arise when I confess to someone that this is one of my life goals. Not to be famous, not to be on TV shows, in a band, etc. or to even have a “good job”. No, I want to take the Internet by storm.

Why is it so important? Well, the Internet is so powerful! With a web connection so much opens up, so much is actually attainable, all from this one thing called The World Wide Web. As most teens in my generation, I had an addiction to the web. I adored playing my favorite online games, going on Facebook, YouTube, and various other networking sites. I had dreamed about making it big. I wished so very much that I could make a living off doing what I loved. The web, and people. I had no clue that was even possible. I just didn’t know. I knew I was a pretty well-known name on a website I had gone on for ages, since around 2007 actually. I knew if someone said my username my little avatar would pop into their head, and they would most likely be able to recall a post I had made, or something along those lines.

I knew that the more you commented and interacted, the better people would recognize you. The simple formula for becoming well known on the site was commenting on everything you could have any form of input on, in a productive and related manner, and then also make posts of your own, that were interesting, and fun, while engaging users at the same time. An added bonus to boost popularity on the site was to be approachable, and someone people felt comfortable messaging and having conversations with. I made (and still do make it) a habit of responding to all messages on a daily basis, that way I can stay in touch with the other users of the site, and form friendships.

I figured why not do this in other ways? Could the same method work? Was becoming, say, Facebook famous just as easy? Join niche groups and comment often, post content to the group often, and befriend people by opening yourself up to friendships? I think the same formula works with most online communities in fact! All you need to do is be likable, active, fun, and engaging. Facebook isn’t difficult either to be honest. Keep your posts public, while sharing a bit about yourself, but seeing as people from all over can see the content of your Facebook, it is best to have one for this purpose, that is more “anonymous” if you will.

But what about other communities? Communities that aren’t so close knit? Sure, on Facebook you can join small groups and gain friends and followers pretty easily. They all have the same thought process as you if you are in a group that’s related to your likes and dislikes. Sure, some online games make it easy to become well-known if there is a forum, and the one I am speaking of usually has only 200-400 people online at a time (granted there have been over a million account made. Of course not all are active though.)

What about YouTube? Could these methods work there as well? Could these methods work setting where it is more difficult to become well known? Well, I think you need to a bit of meshing the two together. How? Well, think about it. If you have the max amount of friends on Facebook, and you are well liked, talk to as many as possible, as often as possible, and post awesome content, why not advertise your YouTube videos there?

YouTube is also a fairly simple method to keeping people’s attention.

  • More videos? More overall views. Keep pumping out the content!
  • To make the videos the best they can be, you need a good camera, good lighting, and no background noise. You need to speak up, and speak clearly.
  • Look nice. I know this may sound petty and foolish, but you want to be presentable. (Clean clothes, hair done, etc.)
  • Have a good title, and a good description
  • Be well known on a few sites, Facebook being a big one, to help you get subscribers.
  • Also a good way is to simply add tags to help people on YouTube find you.
  • Lastly, possibly join a collab channel in your niche. This helps people know you and who you are.

You see, I am someone who wants to take the world by storm, become a sensation. I don’t want to waste my time touring the world doing concerts. I don’t want to act in TV shows. That is not who I am. Who I am is a web nerd, who likes to think things through. I love to be able to make people happy, talk to people, and so much more.

The benefit of being well-known online is that you can make money off of it. I will follow up with this in a future article. More than anything I love working on this goal. Climbing the ladder is one of my favorite parts, seeing my fan base grow, network to network. It gives me a new lease on life. I love life again.

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