Why Starcraft is the Best Strategy Game for the PC

Starcraft is many years old, and when the original came out, it was a huge hit. Now a days, people play the game and there are thousands of people on at a time, which is quite amazing. Why is an older game getting such popularity still? Well the fact that classics never die is quite true here, because Starcraft features immersive graphics, great gameplay, and a soundtrack you can listen to over and over again. Month after month, Blizzard comes out with new SFX to add to the characters, so it never really gets old. The single player is nice, but the main reason people play Starcraft is because of it’s multiplayer gaming.

Many people would consider Starcraft to be the best strategy game for the PC. With Warcraft, and all of the other War time strategy games out there, how could this even compare? Well… You ask yourself, “why is a game like this still selling?” Multiplayer games usually have high replay value, and Starcraft is no exception, but there are other reasons why this game is still as popular as it used to be. Many users didn’t die out like they normally would after a hit game has had it’s time, and the amount of users still climb high. This makes for an overall satisfaction for everyone. Sure… The multiplayer function is the best part of Starcraft 1 and Broodwar, but fantastic gameplay, and endless maps being made every day make this a great game to enjoy.

Blizzard came out with the first Starcraft in 1999, which was a time where graphics weren’t at it’s best, but Blizzard made the best of a bad situation and created great graphics for a strategy game. There were a lot of features in the first Starcraft that many people love and enjoy, but when Starcraft released Broodwar sometime later, this all started to change. With upgraded units, and much more, people would get to see the true power that Blizzard could evolve into. Broodwar is probably one of the most played multiplayer games over the first Starcraft, so the expansion really showed something.

What makes Starcraft different from other Strategy games? Well instead of two forces fighting it off in distinct battle, Starcraft features three very different races, all with there strong points and weak points. Starcraft immerses the gamer in a world of monster, alien and human, all of which have air strengths and ground strengths. Protoss, the alien force, is probably the strongest of the three, just because they are from another light year, and use powers that make humans look like flies. Only problem with Protoss is they’re a little expensive. Zerg, which is the monster type force, are great with speed, but weak. They have a suitable air unit force that can really put a damper on your base, but there air to air combat system isn’t as great. The human race, which we all know of is average in everything. They’re air based units are probably the strongest, as they have units such as Battlecruisers, etc. All in all every race makes for an intense battle, and if you know how to use each unit with perfection, you’ll have no problem becoming a Starcraft expert on the net.

Overall Starcraft brings gamers what they want in a RTG multiplayer game, and even though the single player is really good, and teaches the newbie gamer how to play to game, you really need to play the multiplayer, in order to find out Starcraft’s true strength. 9.5 out 10.

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