Why You Shouldn’t Use Steroids

In the sports world today the competition to do better has moved passed just working out in the weight room. Everyone from young to mature are searching for alternatively ways to get that edge on the competition.

For some the use of steroids has become that edge, unfortunately, what they fail to understand is, the use of these drugs in any form is dangerous and can cause a long list of side effects. The side effect from the use of steroids causes damage to a person’s system that is irreversible. In the young adolescent, the use of steroids can stunt growth; in women, the side effects can cause the woman to become masculine in appearance. In men, it can alter sex characteristics. Let’s explore more closely some of the specific side effects of steroid use.


  • Stunted growth
  • Risk of becoming dependent on steroids
  • The likelihood of becoming addicted to other drugs


  • Reduction in natural breast size
  • Voice deepens
  • Excess facial and body hairs


  • Testicles may begin to shrink due to the body producing less testosterone
  • An enlarged prostate
  • Increased nipple size
  • Impotence

Side effects in steroids that may affect male or female young or old is an increase chance of developing heart disease and high blood pressure. Other side effects include, strokes, bowel problems, joint problems, liver damage and cancer just to name a few.

The emotional self may also be affected by the use of steroids. The use of steroids may cause severe mood swings in it’s user. They may at times feel that no one or nothing can stop them giving them a feeling of being invincible.

Steroids can been taken by mouth or injected. Some choose to take mega doses or larger than usual doses in order to produce faster results. Then there is what is called pyramiding, pyramiding is a gradual increase over time. The more dangerous path is known as stacking, the taking of different steroids along with other drugs.

Three myths about steroids are:

  1. Taking any kind of steroids will result in death

  1. Steroids are easy to get

  1. All steroids come in pill form

For decades there has been much debate over this subject as well as a lot of misinformed information. The side effects and long-term permanent damage to your system that these drugs can cause is not worth risking the quality of your life.

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