Damaging Side Effects of Steroid Use

Anabolic steroids are man made. These steroids promote cell growth, and are natural and synthetic steroid hormones. Which make the muscles to grow and sometimes even cause the bone to increase.

Corticosteroids are found in prescription and non prescriptions for a rash or itching creams. There are two that are commonly known; Cortaid and Lanacort. Steroids are in inflammatory medication also.

Many athletes use steroids or steroids to build up their muscles to look and be stronger think that they are healthier and even though they may look healthy they are exposed to the same side-effects as anyone else.

Steroids can help in many areas as they are most times used as an inflammatory medication. There are steroid injections used when there is injuries to the back, knees, elbows, used almost everywhere there are muscles that made be swollen or inflamed and causing pain. Doctors will sometimes prescribe a pill form that has a steroid to a patient that has a pulled muscle, or tendon. While the steroids may be of help in those areas at the same time they increase the risk of more damage to the muscles and tendons, such as tears and more injuries. So the fact is that they are more harmful then good.

A steroid increases the chance of balding, liver disease, cancer, heart disease, and kidney disease in both men and women. Steroids increase the chance of mania or depression, insomnia, impairing the reproductive system, but steroids can have different side effects on them also. There is a great risk of the male having an enlarged prostate gland even cancer, can cause their breast to grow or their testis to increase in size. While in a female they have more facial hair, the breast may decrease, also damage to the vocal cord which will make the voice deeper.

Those that choose to use the Anabolic steroids to build the body usually use them in injection which increases the chance of hepatitis B, or C, also HIV by using a contaminated needle. Hepatitis will cause a yellowing of the skin, and the eyes. The hepatitis B, C and HIV will have an affect on the immune system. Steroids should not be taken as a regular daily medication. Therefore if you already have any of these diseases then steroids can only increase the damage to your organs making the likelihood of being healthy decrease.

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