what are Different Types of Personality Disorders

A person’s personality is a collection of his traits, attitude, behavior and perceptions which as a whole define him and make him different from others. A personality disorder is when these very characteristics exhibit oddities which are distinctly different from acceptable social norms and behaviors.


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    Paranoid Personality: People suffering from this disorder are unusually distrustful of others and remain constantly under the impression that others are scheming to hurt them. These people might take actions unreasonable to the neutral observer but completely warranted by their own perceptions. Their behavior naturally leads to alienation and rejection, which further confirms their suspicions, leading to a vicious cycle. One of the distinct signs of this disorder is that people suffering from it accuse others unreasonably.

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    Schizoid Personality: People with this disorder usually remain in isolation and are socially awkward. They generally remain aloof and don’t desire intimacy. Schizoid personality also leads to fantasizing and speculation compared to actual actions.

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    Schizotypal Personality: Similar to Schizoid personality disorder, people suffering from this are disconnected from others. Their thinking patterns and perceptions are odd and they might believe that they have powers to affect others. While patients with this disorder are prone to develop Schizophrenia, it is not always so.

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    Histrionic Personality: These people are attention seekers, are extremely dramatic and obsessed with their appearance. They appear to be very lively, but have little emotional depth in relations. They are most commonly known for eliciting sympathy from others by exaggerating their emotions and conditions. In their pursuit for feelings of dependence and attention, these people might turn to sexual behavior.

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    Narcissistic Personality: Narcissistic personalities have an obvious arrogance and a belief that they are better than others. These people are hungry for praise and admiration and fear defeat, disappointment and failure. They might get easily upset with criticism and accuse others of harboring envy and jealousy towards them. Most of the time people suffering from this order resort to manipulation to have their goals met, since they don’t consider others to be as important.

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    Antisocial Personality: A mild name for what was earlier called Psychopathic personality, people suffering from this disorder are mostly males who exhibit no respect or regard for others. They deliberately lie and deceive in order to exploit others.

    These people can be prone to violence and have little patience or sense of responsibility. Moreover, they have a certain lack of regret, guilt or remorse, which makes them even more dangerous. If they are reprimanded or punished for their behavior, their disorder only gets stronger, resulting in worse actions.
    Substance abuse, drug additions and sexual deviance is also a trait shared by people suffering from Antisocial personality disorder.

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