How to Prepare Salvia for Smoking

Salvia DivinorumĀ is a powerful Mexican herb that produces a strong meditative state which is useful for introspection. Its unique effects cannot be compared with any other drug in the world; however, bear in mind it is not a recreational drug. The taste and effect of saliva does not usually appeal to both young or old people unless they have a keen interest in philosophy. Smoking and oral intake are the two common methods to use Salvia Divinorum. You can smoke this drug easily with the help of pipes used for tobacco smoking.

Things Required:

– A Bong or a Pipe (Tobacco and water pipes work great)
– Butane lighter or two simple lighters
– Ice or cold water
– Cannabis


  • 1

    Place a thin layer of cannabis at the bottom of the bong or pipe. This step is optional.

  • 2

    Now add a reasonable amount of Saliva to the bong, keeping in view its potency.

  • 3

    Show flame to the saliva leaves and prepare yourself for the one last time to experience the saliva smoke.

  • 4

    Once the saliva leaves catch fire properly, puff it two to three times without inhaling. Just keep the smoke in your mouth and exhale it after several seconds.

  • 5

    Now close your eyes, hold the smoke for half a minute or so and you will start feeling the effects in 15 or 20 seconds.

  • 6

    As soon as you start feeling the strong effects of saliva smoke, forget about anything else and simply meditate.

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