Why the Hatred?

I am just so angry with the world today. All this hatred needs to stop. Hatred comes in so many ways, sorts, and sizes. Acceptance is so hard for people sometimes, but everyone needs to stop and put themselves in the other person’s shoes for a while.

Hatred among different religions in the United States is so saddening. I am proud to be Christian, but I will not deny others to have different beliefs. I realize that a big part of being a Christian is missionary work to tell others about Jesus, which I have no problem with and enjoy doing. What does bother me is when people of other religions do not get the respect that they deserve, whether it is from Christians, Jews, or any other type of religion. I recently heard the Muslim community in the US would like to have their own postage stamp, but this has caused such uproar from everyone around me. I understand the fact that people are still angry about the happenings of September 11th, myself included. I am still so distraught and cannot even begin to imagine witnessing that dreadful day first hand, let alone the devastation of the loss of life. However, I refuse to believe that EVERY Muslim is a bad person. There are good Muslims and there are bad Muslims; just like there are good Christians and bad Christians, and so on. What people tend to forget is that the settlers came to this country in order to escape religious persecution. The first Amendment of the Constitution consists in part of freedom of religion. I love my country very much, but I do not love the hatred.

Secondly, a ridiculously huge problem in our society and mainly in the Christian community, is homosexuality. Yes, I get the fact that the Bible says this is wrong, but the Bible says so many other things are wrong as well, yet no one dwells on those topics. Everyone on Earth sins; there has only been one perfect person to walk the earth and that is Jesus Christ. He loved and still loves everyone no matter their lifestyle, their choices, or their sins. He died on the cross not for a select group of people, but for everyone who has ever lived and whomever will live.

I attend my church services, and each week I hear about acceptance and to love your neighbor. Unfortunately, I also here how people who are homosexual or even divorced will go to hell. I’m sorry, but I just cannot believe that. What I have found to be true is that most people who hate homosexuals have never even met a gay person. How can you judge a person before you even meet them? Besides, judgment should be left only to God.

So many people runaway from or discriminate against anything or anyone who is different from what they are used to. These people are so ignorant because they will be missing out on some great experiences and will never get to know some amazing people. Jesus did not discriminate, why should you?

I love being a Christian and will never change my religion. I deserve every kind of right and respect as the next person. I honestly believe there has to be at least a small amount of good in everyone. My theory on everything from homosexuality, personal religion, or even same sex marriage is that if other people or animals are not getting hurt, if it is not against the law, and if it is what makes them the happiest, then more power to them. The Lord almighty knows all and sees all. Only He can pass judgment, for only He knows all the circumstances of situations. Always remember the old saying of You Can’t Judge a Book by its Cover.

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