Wild Adventures Amusement Park in Georgia

Recently wildlife adventures in Valdosta, Georgia opened its doors to the girl scouts. My daughter was one of those girl scouts. She came home saying it was the best time she has ever had. If you’re still looking for a family vacation this summer you should try Wild Adventures.

One of the things the kids are going to love best is all the rides. My daughter gets a little freaked out over the huge roller coasters so her favorite was the Swamp Thing. It has enough thrill to hold the attention of the older kids without scaring the younger ones. With the Swamp Thing your biggest challenge is when you take a big dip towards a family of hungry alligators. The Swamp Thing is sure to be a favorite for any kid. Another favorite for all the kids and adults is the Boomerang. The Boomerang has vertical loops, six inversions and two hills. You may ask what the hills are for but you may not want to know. As you approach the hill a hill lift will pull you backwards or forwards to the top and then release you. This slingshots you all the way to the other side of the track where the other hill lies and it happens all over again. The Boomerang doesn’t give you much of a chance to catch your breath but it is a thrill a minute and well worth the trip.

If you love roller coasters you have to check out the Cheetah. 90 feet tall and 3000 feet long with its incredible zero gravity air time, high lifts, and dramatic drops makes the Cheetah the thrill of a lifetime for any wooden roller coaster fan. The Cheetah is big but its not the biggest roller coaster in the entire park, the Hangman has the distinction of being the largest roller coaster in the Wild Adventures park. With seven inversions and 65mph suspended loops this is a must for any roller coaster fan. The safety harness are the best part of this ride because you get to hang out during this ride. The steel harness are completely safe but they leave your feet dangling out so you get the full experience of flying and falling. Anyone who loves going upside down on the roller coasters will love the fact that with the hangman there are twenty different times you get to go upside down . It’s one of the must sees if you are going to Georgia any time soon.

Every fair has the boat that swings back and forth like a pendulum and finally goes upside down, well Wild Adventures also has one. The Pharaoh’s Fury is defiantly for the older kids and is a must for any adventure lover. Don’t worry for the younger kids there is a similar version of the Pharaoh’s Fury called the Free Whale. It’s a smaller version of the Pharaoh’s Fury and doesn’t go upside down. For the younger kids on our trip this was a favorite. Another favorite for the younger kids was the Frog Hopper. The Frog Hopper gives the kids the sensation of being tossed in the air about 18 feet by an adult. The lines are usually pretty short for this one because a lot of kids can ride it at once and it only last for about 2-3 minutes. However the 2-3 minutes of up and down motion is a thrill a minute for the younger ones in your group.

If you’re looking for a little wind down time after all the thrilling rides Wild Adventures also has an animal park that boasts over 500 different animals. All the animals can be viewed in there natural habitats which is a great learning experience for the kids. You can go on a safari in the African pride lands with the safari train and see dozens of African deer, antelope and cattle in the free roaming area of the park as well as dozens of camels, elephants, and zebras and giraffes. For something a little more active there is always time to take a peaceful stroll through the swamp. The swamp is where you can hundreds of colorful birds, scampering lemurs, bears and a few hungry alligators. You can find everything from the usual donkeys and camels to the more exotic watusi and nilgai in the Wild Adventures animal park.

It can get pretty hot and sweaty walking around checking out all those animals and Wild Adventures has the perfect way to cool off. Splash Island water park is just as thrilling and exciting as the main Wild Adventure park. T here is Paradise River where you can lazily float down the 1000ft river on inner tubes or one of the many water slides. For the smaller kids there’s the Rain Fortress which consists of several small slides and lots of coll refreshing cascading water. There isn’t just one place for the tots in your group but two. Tadpole Cove is specially designed for those under 44 inches. It’s a compact play area filled with spray nozzles, slides and fountains. Wild Adventures knows how to take care of the little ones in your group as well as the older ones. The Double Dip Zip is an exciting double slide where you can choose to race down one of the two slides or shoot the open flumes.

Wild Adventures has a little something for everyone no matter the age. It’s a great place to spend some time together as a family and have some fun.

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