Wishing for Peace

Imagine Peace

Imagine peace in the middle east
instead of blood shed
and tears of families.

Imagine peace.

Imagine Peace in the domestic cities
across this great land we call AMERICA!

Imagine all ethnicities getting along
despite our cultural differences
and embracing our equal diversities.

Imagine peace.

Imagine peace instead of hate
which divides all of us.

Trust we cannot get along lonely in this world
without all the gifts and resources we have to share…

Don’t you care?
Don’t you want to learn how to walk in humility?
Don’t you want to live with positivity?

What would it hurt to take a little time
to get to know someone who is not of
your neighborhood or even your part of the city?

Peace instead of pain.
Peace instead of black rain.
Peace instead of myths about youth who
get lumped in with criminals and rapists.
Peace instead of negative vibes that
only divide us.
Peace instead of pre-judgements of people
you haven’t taken time to get to know.

Peace, peace, peace.

Imagine what our world would look like
with a little more peace.

(c) 2004 by Pam Osbey

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