Wolverine Unleashed Claws into Home Entertainment

The Wolverine Unleashed powers it way to home entertainment with the DVD/Blu-Ray release on December 3. It was released on Digital HD November 19th.

It’s a nifty title for the collection for the 2013 The Wolverine movie.

Exclusive Content

The Unleashed Extended edition will contain exclusive content including the unrated cut of the film along with commentary by the director, James Mangold.

The regular Blu-Ray and DVD versions, like the Extended Edition, will contain a look at the next X-Men movie, Days of the Future Past with an exclusive set tour.

Moviegoers were confused as to what time frame in the X-Men universe the movie would take place. The prior film, Wolverine: Origins was a prequel. Since the X-Men movies are in the prequel mode, it made it confusing that the 2013 movie took place directly after X Men: The Last Stand, the third of the original movies.

In that movie, Jean Grey became the Dark Phoenix. Wolverine had to kill her.

Not Content

It is a traumatized hero that begins the movie.

That’s not to say there’s not plenty of action. Thrilling fight scenes underscore the operatic vibe of the film. For the extended edition, a mind-blowing ninja fight is included which emphasizes the quite human nature of the beast that is Wolverine.

The tension built up pays off in the finale sequences. Layered with multiple objectives coming from different directions, the result is a more substantive impact than explosions just for the heck of it.

An exclusive award season screening was held on November 19th. The Extended version was screened along with a Q&A with the director, James Mangold.

Mangold said, “I didn’t want the superhero looking like he was wearing a wig that looked like Flock of Seagulls.”

About the theme the director said, “I wanted to do a tentpole movie about death.”

About the previous movies, Mangold said, “Wolverine leaping up and bringing down a helicopter was too much.”

The website, WolverineUnleashed.com, also debuted allowing fans an immersive, interactive experience in the depths of Logan’s mind.

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