Women Can Really Be Weird

Have you ever wondeed why a women would be a penpal to a prison inmate? I can understand that if it is a situation where a wife is writing to her husband and a child to their father who was incarcerated. What about the others who write to total strangers?Is it because they are desperate or an ominous sign of the shortage of men? Perhaps, it is because of feeling too much sympathy for someone incarcerated – – after all – isn’t it our so-called Christian duty? Or are they so alone that is the only to ease their anguished hearts?

I am writing about this after hearing the news that a female juror in the Scott Peterson case is now his pen pal. Supposedly her therapist (apparently she needed one after the trial) advised her to write Scott Peterson. The article alluded that the therapist “didn’t think she would actually mail it ” but she did anyway and thus, they have become pen-friends. I wonder though about what sort of friendship between her and Scott Peterson could be, after all, wasn’t she one of those who sentenced him to death? Now, she is singing a different tune, but alas, too late. Or maybe she was out of tune when she agreed with the rest to sentence this “charming man” to death.

This makes me furthur wonder why women fall for prisoners, ex-cons and the types of men that their mothers would vehemently disapprove of. Perhaps, it’s a complex! THe Robin hood complex. Men who are in prison or have criminal records are naturally more dependent on the woman to do things for them like when they need more stock of cigarettes or their favorite chocolate and I guess that gives women a greater sense of self-importance. Is it in the so-called nurturing instinct of women to want to cuddle and “smother” their men even if they are criminals or ex-cons? Or is it a subconscious need to “rebel” from conventional norms which has been repressed? I have no idea.

I would really want to think that women are attracted to these kind of men because they are reformers at heart and are Christian optimists. But we all know that isn’t true. And if it were, I would think that sending a card or a letter once a month would suffice, but real personal involvement in the life of a criminal or an ex-con seems to be something bizarre- like a death wish.

Women can surely be weird.

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