Work from Home Jobs You Should Avoid

Craigslist is a great place to find work from home jobs. I personally got several contract jobs though this site. Recently however, I got downright miffed when reading the “Job postings”. Here, in my opinion are the work-from-home “jobs” I found on Craigslist that you should avoid.

Work at home jobs to avoid #1: Get paid while you surf the web.

These come in many forms. This advertiser in particular states they signed up a couple weeks ago and have already made $100.00. What does that tell you? It tells me that this job could not pay for my manicure, let alone my grocery bill. It is a colossal waste of time.

Just for kicks, I responded to get more information. The email I got back in return states that you get 2 cents per click. Two cents per click! That is a whole $1.20 and hour. You are paid when your account reaches $25.00. That means you would be paid $25.00 for working almost 21 hours. No thank you!

Work at home jobs to avoid #2: A proven program where all you need is $5.00 and a paypal account.

Clue number one, you have to pay to “work”. Clue number two, the ad goes on to say, (name excluded) tells how she ran this gifting summation four times last year. Gifting schemes are illegal. Stating that a scheme is legal does not make it so. All you will get from this scheme is the realization that you have willingly given away your money.

Work at home jobs to avoid #3: Anyone offering to help you find a job for a fee.

If you pay someone to help you find a job, especially online, you will simply be losing your money. The company pays real recruiters after the job is secured, not the prospective employee. One ad in particular states, “We have over 2000 companies nationwide that are currently seeking sales associates and sales managers. For just $9.95, I will email blast your resume/application to all of them. “

Keep your ten dollars.

Work at home jobs to avoid #4: Writing/artist jobs that do not pay or pay too little.

Creative people do not have to starve to work in their specialty. Do not accept less than fair pay from someone who offers your exposure or possible future pay to work hard. Most of these companies will move on to the next person if you feel you have given enough to be paid. If you learn to read between the lines, you will find that the articles actually say:

~National children’s wear trade magazine is looking for a freelancer to write 2400 words after doing hours of research. Your article will be printed, but you will not be paid.

~We seek a few restaurant-goers with good writing skills. We will pay $50 for fifteen 150-word reviews. Yes, that is $3.33 a review! Remember, traveling to, consuming a meal, traveling home, evaluating, and writing about a restaurant visit can take hours.

Can you say slave labor? This does not cover the cost of the meals, transportation to the meals. It just barely pays for your dinner mints.

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