Become the Next Deal or No Deal Contestant

Each week, when you’re watching Howie Mandel on Deal or No Deal, do you sit in front of the TV and tell yourself, “I can do that?” Sure you can! I’m going to tell you how you can become a Deal or No Deal contestant and be a part of all the excitement on NBC’s popular new game show.

The best thing about the game show is you don’t have to answer difficult questions – it’s all based on luck – choosing the “lucky” number. When you feel luck is on your side here’s what you need to do to apply to be a contestant on NBC’s Deal or No Deal. First, have a friend or family member help you put together a five minute videotape of you and the supporters that will be going with you. When making your videotape application, start off by telling them your name and your hometown. The next thing you want to do is tell them about yourself (make it brief), and let them know what you would do with the million dollars if you were to be the winning contestant. “There is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ thing to say on your tape, we just want to get to know you,” says NBC.

After making your video application for Deal or No Deal, you will now need to label the tape with your name, address and phone number (make sure it’s legible). The tape must be a VHS tape only, and NBC asks that you rewind the tape to the beginning – this could increase your chances of being accepted.

Your next step – complete and sign the application. A recent photo of yourself, and also of your supporters must accompany the application. It is recommended that two photos of each wannabee contestant be sent (one being a close-up and the other being a full body shot). Make sure to label the back of each photo with the person’s name and phone number.

To ensure that your gameshow application is not rejected, make sure you have answered every question on the application, make sure your answers are truthful, and be sure to sign the application.

That should take care of everything. Now your final step is to mail the entire parcel to NBC. But first, before you mail that package, you want to make sure each and everything mentioned above is included and done correctly so that you’re not rejected. In order to do that I have provided a check-list for you (below). Print this page and check-off (place a check mark on the blank line) each thing that you have done, one-by-one, so you don’t miss anything.

___ Put together a five minute videotape.
___ Transfer your videotape to a VHS tape if it is not already on a VHS tape.
___ Label your videotape with your name, address and phone number.
___ Complete and sign the application.
___ Take pictures of yourself and your supporters (one close up and one full body shot).
___ Label the back of each photo with the person’s name and phone number.

Now that everything on your check-list is complete, your final step is to place your videotape, application and photographs in a large envelope or box, label the envelope or box and mail it to:

PO Box 1916
Culver City, CA 90232

(Note: The old address was 1149 N. Gower, Suite 271, Los Angeles, CA, 90038.)

One final note, according to NBC’s Web site, “application materials will not be returned, and there is a limit of one application package per person.” If you’d like to find out more about the application process you can visit Deal or No Deal’s Web site.

See now, that wasn’t so hard was it? Good luck to you with the whole entire process. If you make it on the show, may luck be on your side! By the way, if you do make it on the show, come back here and post your comment to let us all know how you did. You may also be interested in reading How to Get On Wheel of Fortune and The Price Is Right.

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